As a ceremony performed at home, Havdalah offers more possibilities than the synagogue service. Apart from the four blessings that form the core of the ceremony, there are a number of different formulae for the accompanying verses and songs. I believe it is legitimate to occasionally use these different versions for a change. Below are three suggested formulae.

S&P Havdala Ceremony


Esa Einai

Hamavdil (London)

Eastern Sephardi Havdalah

This version of Havdalah includes Baruch Haba. So when it is said, the famous S&P tune for Barach Haba can be used, giving us an opportunity to sing this beautiful melody in our homes!


German Havdalah

In this version I take two beautiful melodies from the beginning and end of the Saturay Night service according to the German custom, and add them before and after Havdalah.


Ashrey Kol

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