This page is not comprehensive yet, but lists some of the highlights of the Shabbat Service.

Evening Service

Bameh Madlikin [DH]

Bameh Madlikin [JC]

The mishnaic passage "Bameh Madlikin", about lighting the candles, is read to this beautiful chant.

Lecha Dodi 1 (Regular) [WS1]

Lecha Dodi 2 (Shabbat Bereshit and other special shabbatot) [SC]

This beautiful four-part tune is sung on Shabbat Bereshit and some other special occasions, but beautiful though it is, it is so slow and ponderous it can only be sung for the first and last verses. The middle verses are sung to the regular tune. The arrangement is also sometimes used for Kedusha in Shabbat Shacharit.

Important note: The above recording is not in the public domain. I received permission to post it here, but no use may be made of the recording without permission from the copyright owners.

Kiddush for Friday night

Morning Service

Baruch She'amar (of historical interest, but incomplete) [WS1]

Baruch She'amar (complete) [JC]

Az Yashir Moshe (of historical interest, but incomplete) [WS1]

Az Yashir Moshe (complete) [JC]

The tune used for the Song of Moses is perhaps the"flagship" melody of the London S&P, and is thought to be very ancient. It is also used for Baruch Haba in Hallel and for Bendigamos.

♫ Ki Ladonai Hamelucha (for special occasions)

Nishmat [WS1]

Ve-ilu Finu [DJ]

Bemakhelot [JC]

Kaddish and Barechu v1 [DJ]

Kaddish v2 part1 [DJ]

Kaddish v2 part2a [DJ] | ♫ Kaddish v2 part2b [DJ]

La-El asher shavat [DJ]

Shema [DJ]

Amidah with regular Kedusha [DJ]

Amidah [JC]

Kedusha for special occasions [JC]

This lovely alternate version is used on special occasions (melody of Lecha Dodi for Shabbat Beresheet).

Blessing before the Torah [JC]

Blessing after the Torah [JC]

Haftarah blessings

For details of the ta'amim for Torah and Haftarah readings, see the Ta'amim page.

Ashrey [SP250 with EA]

This rendition of Ashrey was recorded in 1951, at the 250h Anniversary of Bevis Marks synagogue. (The service was on a weekday of course, enabling it to be recorded.)


There are four tunes for "Yimloch", the verse that is sung before the sefer is returned to the ark, and the tune chosen on any Shabbat is sung four times through: once by the reader, once by the congregation, again by the reader, and again by the congregation.

Yimloch 1 (traditional) [DJ]

Yimloch 2 (Wassersug) [DJ]

Yimloch 3 (Yehe) [EA]

Version 3 is known as on of the tunes for the second half of kaddish. Its use for Yimloch was introduced by Sir Alan Moccatta.

Yimloch 4 (En Kelohenu) [EA]

Version 4 is different from the others in that the reader sings one half of the tune and the congregation respond with the other half. This tune is well known for En Kelohenu and the second half of kaddish.

Mimor Ledavid

There are several tunes for this psalm, selected at the discretion of the choirmaster.

Mizmor Ledavid [EA]

Kiddush for Saturday morning

Evening Service after Shabbat

Ledavid Baruch [WS1 with EA]

Ps. 144 is chanted to this lovely melody at the close of Shabbat.


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