Here are a few S&P-related products I have produced, which you may find of interest.

I produced a CD of MP3 recordings from the service held in 1956 celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Kahal and of Anglo Jewry. The recording is unusual and valuable in that it includes many items usually sung in the synagogue only on Shabbat - and therefore rarely recorded live.

Sadly this  CD is no longer available, but you can create your own CD by downloading the files here.

The Sephardi Haggadah: I wrote and produced The Sephardi Haggadah in 1988. It was published by Feldheim, and has become widely used among English speaking Sephardim. It's so far run into two editions and several reprints. It includes the standard Sephardi text (Hebrew and English), laws, customs, a brief commentary, and two versions of Grace after Meals - one being the S&P version.

A few copies of the second edition remain, priced $26. To order a copy, or to investigate dedication opportunities for the upcoming third edition, please contact me

 Birkat Hamazon Booklet: I designed a 32-page antique-style booklet for the S&P community of London for the Blessing of the Sun in 2009. The Hebrew text is elegant and clear, using a modern version of an antique Hebrew font. The booklet contains some interesting historical engravings, Hacham Meldola's version of the Blessing of the Sun, and the S&P form for Grace, including Bendigamos in Spanish and English and a special version of the National Anthem in Biblical Hebrew. The booklet is both a historical souvenir of the occasion, and perfectly suited to using as a Birkat Hamazon booklet for all occasions. 

$5 each. SOLD OUT.

350th Anniversary Plate: I designed this English bone china 27cm dinner plate to commemorate the 350th Anniversary of British Jewry, and of the kahal, which was celebrated by a service at Bevis Marks Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in Britain, in 2006. A small number are still available at $150 each. You can see the plate's accompanying leaflet here. For more details, and to order, contact me

300th Anniversary of Bevis Marks: I designed this English bone china smaller 22cm coupe plate to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of Bevis Marks Synagogue in 2001. It picks out clearly many of the details of the fine renaissance-style ark that are not visible all-at-once from any particular angle in the actual synagogue. A very small number are still available at $150 each. Greetings cards with the same design are available in packs of ten (with envelopes), for $8 plus postage. For more details, and to order, contact me.

Lauderdale Road Synagogue tile: This design is a reproduction of the round window behind the ark at the Spanish and Portuguese synagogue in Maida Vale. Features an Islamic-style double-square star and a five-point English Tudor rose. Some products incorporating the design on a ceramic tile (the tile itself is just $6.00) are available here.

Greetings cards with the same design are available in packs of ten, with envelopes, for $8 plus postage. For more details, and to order, contact me.

Minton music tile: An elegant tile in a Victorian, Minton style, with a music theme. The original on which this is based was a floor tile. I adapted it for a smaller, smoother ceramic tile available as an elegant tile box and coaster - perfect gifts for the music lover in your life - or indeed for yourself! Just $6.00, available here


Paradesi Synagogue tile: The 400-year-old synagogue in Cochin, India (a.k.a. Mattancherry) is famous for its hundreds of hand-painted Chinese floor tiles, imported by the Portuguese Jewish immigrants who became Cochin's "White Jews" and whose synagogue it was. I've retouched a photograph of one of the five or six designs that are repeated throughout, and resized it into a reproduction tile that can be used as a coaster, or framed, or incorporated into the lid of a keepsake box. Just $6.50, available here.

Bevis Marks Synagogue tile: Available at $7.50 here.