Baruch Haba

Baruch Haba means "Welcome" and it must certainly be the first page of this site! The sweet melody used by the S&P for Baruch Haba (in Hallel), is the same as that used for the Song of Moses (in the Shabbat morning service), and for the table song Bendigamos; and is beyond doubt the flagship melody of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews throughout the world.

Here is the London version, performed at Lauderdale Road Synagogue on 24 October 2010. It was the opening item in a concert honouring Maurice Martin on his retirement after over 50 years as choirmaster.

Here is the Dutch version, performed in the magnificent "Esnoga" in Amsterdam. Note that in the last part of the tune the Dutch have added a descant on top of what would seem to be the original melody (preserved in the London version).

This is how we sing it at home, as part of Havdalah.

Baruch Haba [JC]

Baruch Haba [CF]

Here's the Song of Moses version of the tune.

Az Yashir Moshe [WS1]

Here's the Bendigamos version of the tune. More about Bendigamos, and the full text, on the Bendigamos page.

Bendigamos [JC]

Bendigamos [CF]

Here's the French equivalent of Bendigamos - though it's a distinctly different hymn, not a translation. More about it, and the full text, on the Benissons page.

Benissons [JC]