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            The Decimice are a set of ten anthropomorphic mice characters I first created to personify the ten decimal digits. I generally associate one color very strongly with each one of the digits. The strongest and most definite associations are that "2" is "blue", "3" is "green", and "4" is "orange". "5"s are frequently "red". These associations were formed at a fairly young age and I don't entirely know their origin but 2,3, and 4 have been remarkably consistent. "2" is blue most likely because "two" and "blue" rhyme. The others I have no real theory but for whatever reasons the associations with these particular colors just seem "right" to me. Apparently the association of colors with numbers is fairly common although people rarely talk about it, and it seems everyone has a different set of associations.

            Each of the ten characters was given a name based on the number they represented. One character in particular "Fourzi", representing the number 4, has become my avatar and kind of my unofficial "fursona" at this point. I've used it on various media. I did not create Fourzi to be my avatar, but since this was my favorite of the decimice it was convenient to use it as an avatar instead of developing a completely new character ... and now the image and character have become near synonymous with me, probably in part because I have not shared any images of what I actually look like. 

            In this Appendix I wanted to introduce readers to the full set of decimice character designs along with what information I have about their "personalities" and "hobbies". I created these characters mostly as a design exercise, but I have wondered if anything else could be done with them creatively. In any case they are my personal creations and their images, along with their names and characterizations, are therefore trademarked. Do not use these characters or their likenesses without my permission.

            There is a few important conventions that I followed in forming these characters. Firstly and most importantly, if a number is "even" then it is "male" and if it is "odd" then it is "female". Male names end in -zi where as female names end in -ri. All names are exactly two syllables long. Each has a main color theme based on the color I most closely associate with that number. Their design should incorporate the number in some way, either the actual numeral, or having something with the actual cardinality of their number. Each has a set of hobbies that define the character as some kind of usually recognizable architype of popular culture.

*Note: Although "Zerzi" is listed first he was actually the last character to be created. 1-9 were created in that order first and then "0" was created as the tenth decimouse.



Official Name: Zerzi
Sex: Male
Number Theme: 0
Color Theme: Grey
Mathematics, Philosophy, Poetry

Design Notes:
Ears look like zeroes, round zero-like glasses, Makes a zero-sign with right hand, tail curled into a zero, tail has zero trinkets


Official Name: Oneri
Sex: Female
Number Theme: 1
Color Theme: Yellow
Sleeping, Snacking, Plushies

Design Notes:
One ear has a bite mark, Has single bell on single lock of hair, Has a single cheese in mouth, has one bowtie on tail.


Official Name: Twozi
Sex: Male
Number Theme: 2
Color Theme: Blue
Hacking, Sulking, Conspiracy Theories

Design Notes:
Two bands across face, two tufts of hair, two bells around neck, two bells on tail, two dark blue stripes across clothing.


Official Name: Threeri
Sex: Female
Number Theme: 3
Color Theme: Green
Manga/Anime, Trading Card Games, Cosplay

Design Notes:
Three beads on face, three beads on tail, Triangles on dress, three triangles along end of dress, three shades of green.


Official Name: Fourzi
Sex: Male
Number Theme: 4
Color Theme: Orange
Retro Gaming, Chiptune, 4-D Movies

Design Notes:
Ears are shaped like Diamonds, wears square shaped glasses, Squares with Xs across them (K4s) are found on clothing, 4 tufts of hair, 4 square trinkets on tail.


Official Name: Fivri
Sex: Female
Number Theme: 5
Color Theme: Red
Singing, Fashion, Pop-Music

Design Notes:
Ears shaped like Pentagons, 5-pointed stars of which there are 5 along the hem of her dress, and 5 others: hair tie, mark on face, arm band, one on each sandal, choker has 5 bells on it, top of hair has 5 tufts, 3 magenta, 2 black, Sandals have pentagons on them, trinket on tail has a star within a pentagon (K5).


Official Name: Sixzi
Sex: Male
Number Theme: 6
Color Theme: Purple
Motorcycles, Rollerblading, Mechanical Engineering

Design Notes:
Hexagons used in design, ears hexagonal-shaped, 6-mark insignia on side of helmet visor, 6 hexagons along both arms, rollerblades have 6 wheels each, Hexagonal elbow and knee pads, hexgonal glove ornament, tail trinket is 6 hexagons.


Official Name: Sevri
Sex: Female
Number Theme: 7
Color Theme: Magenta
Horror Films, Gothic Literature, Tarot Cards

Design Notes:
7 dots on forehead, 7 black 7-pointed stars on dress, 7 tufts of hair, 5 pointed down, two up, 7 sided polygonal hair tie, 7 bowties on each pigtail, 7 stripes along each sleeve of nightgown, 4 black, 3 magenta, tail trinket is made up of 7 dots.


Official Name: Eighzi
Sex: Male
Number Theme: 8
Color Theme: Cyan
Electronica, Dancing, Raving

Design Notes:
8 hair Spikes, Ear has two circles made to look like numeral 8, numeral 8 eye ring, octagons on t-shirt design, octagonal pouch on pants, 8 "cooling-beads" along tail.


Official Name: Ninri
Sex: Female
Number Theme: 9
Color Theme: Brown
Arcade Gaming, Bubble Gum, Air Hockey

Design Notes:
9 rings on each ear, 9 shaped pony-tail on left side of head, 9 dot pattern "space invader" on hat, 9 stripes on each sleeve, 9 "game coins" along tail