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Large Number Arithmetic

1.1 Nature of Number

1.2 Sys. of Numeration
1.3 Arithmetic
1.4 Properties
1.5 Catalog of Numbers
2.1 Cosmic Horizons
2.2 SI Prefixes
2.3 Imagining Numbers
2.4 The -illion Series
3.1 Intro to Recursion

3.2 Common Notations

3.3 Large No. Arithmetic

4.1 Jonathan Bowers

4.2 Fast Growing

4.3 Extensible-E

            Now that we are familiar with the basics of recursion and the popular large number notations we will want to develop our abilities to perform large number arithmetic. This will be the key for converting from one to notation to another and also will be instrumental in proofs when we want to show that one number is larger than another. Get prepared for a crash course in analysis, googologist style!


3.3.1 - Pandemonium With Power Towers : In this article I'll reveal techniques that will allow us to perform all the elementary arithmetic operations on power towers of any height.