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Catalog of Numbers
1.1 Nature of Number

1.2 Sys. of Numeration
1.3 Arithmetic
1.4 Properties
1.5 Catalog of Numbers
2.1 Cosmic Horizons
2.2 SI Prefixes
2.3 Imagining Numbers
2.4 The -illion Series
3.1 Intro to Recursion

3.2 Common Notations

3.3 Large No. Arithmetic

4.1 Jonathan Bowers

4.2 Fast Growing

4.3 Extensible-E

1.5.1 - Introduction to the Number Catalogs

            A brief introduction and explanation of the purpose of this chapter.

1.5.2 - The Small Primes

            This list displays all of the prime numbers under 1224 in numerical order. There are only 200 primes within this range, so an exhaustive list is actually quite managable. This list also provides the sequence number for each prime, shows the gaps between the primes, and displays the ratio of primes to the total number of primes and composites.

1.5.3 - Arithmetic Catalog

            This catalog displays numbers which result from binary arithmetic operations involving small counting inputs. The expressions are listed by numerical size, and include the operations of addition, multiplication, and exponentiation. This is a precursor to material in later sections.

1.5.4 - Number Survey

            This catalog measures the usage levels for various counting numbers small and large.

1.5.5 - Summary I

            This article wraps up section I with a summary of the material. Lastly I critique my findings and make a conclusion for section I.