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10days until
OSC 62: PolyIblit deadline


  • Challenge to run from 1st to last every month (clock: KVR time)
  • Unless specifically announced before the competition, you must use only one virtual synthesizer for all sounds including percussion. Layering several instances of the synth is allowed.
  • Submissions uploaded to SoundCloud only. File format is any supported by SoundCloud. Submissions must be downloadable and shared to the current One-Synth-Challenge group. (Link to the correct SoundCloud group
    drop box is on the competition page here on the site)
  • Submissions must be announced in the submissions forum thread and include a brief report how it was made:
    The DAW/host, all FX used, and how many instances of the synth and FX was used. It is also recommended, but not mandatory, to write a list of used FX together with the track at SoundCloud.

  • Effects (external plugins):
    - Any type of modulation effect like chorus, phaser, flanger etc is not allowed.
      However, if another type of effect (like delay or reverb for example) has modulation as a secondary effect,
      it can be used, but the modulation usage must be minimal.
    - Effects that pitch the sound are not allowed.
    - Any effect that transform the sounds to make them unrecognizable as being from the synth is not allowed.
    - DAW effects are allowed, as are 3rd party effects if they are freeware and easily available.
    - Any kind of effect already IN the synth can of course be used freely.
  • No external samples or live sounds like voice, guitar etc allowed. However, for convenience or CPU saving,
    synth bouncing/sampling are allowed but only where the EXACT same result could have been achieved using
    the original synth. This means that for example pitching and reversing is not allowed. Sampling for example
    a bass drum in order to get a consistent sound is not allowed either. Sampled or bounced audio must not be
    edited in any way. Samplers used must be host samplers or freeware and easily available.

  • Commercial synth patches/soundbanks are not permitted
  • OSC might request project files at any time. Failure to produce it upon request will lead to disqualification.
    (intellectual property respected with file used for examination only and destroyed immediately afterwards)
  • Your entry must be composed specifically for this contest
  • Cover tracks are not permitted.
  • Collaborations are allowed. The collaborators do not need to be KVR members.
  • File name format: Artist - Track Title where artist name is the same as KVR nick. For collaborations, just put
    both names as artist name, for example Artist1 + Artist2 -
    Track Title. If the collaborator is not a KVR member, put the KVR member's name first, like this KVR Name + Collaborator name - Track Title.

  • Max 1 submission per entrant (person or team)

  • No track length limit
  • Voting is done by giving ALL submissions a score between 1-5 points (where 5 points is best). You can change your votes freely until the deadline (allowing you to do bits at a time). Once voting has ended, all votes will be published.

  • Voters must have had 40 prior forum posts before competition start, or participated in that month's contest
    to be able to vote
  • Voting is mandatory for participants (disqualification if not voted)

  • In the case of equal scores after voting, submissions will be separated by how many 5pts they got,
    then 4pts and so on
  • Prizes are given to the top 5 placings, winner gets first choice of a (single) prize and so on down. If the field is less than 20 entries, only 4 prizes will be available. If less than 15, 3 etc.