The One-Synth-Challenge, as the name implies, is to make a tune with just one virtual synthesizer for all sounds, including percussion

The challenges run monthly and are open to anyone

Prizes to be won!

OSC Current Organizers:



Previous Organizers:

- V'ger (OSC#23 - OSC#62; Google Sites, Built foundation of the current rules)

- Tattiemannie (OSC#1 - OSC#22; Original Founder)

Original One Synth Challenge Idea was created by: ? Unknown and Banned KVR User ? (Not sure who this was)

Helpful Members (Not at all an exclusive list, but here are people who've been extremely helpful over the years!)

- Z.prime (Slack) - rghvdberg (Spotify) - Irion Da Ronin - Ballacr75 - DoctorBob - Liqih

- Taron - 574x

Thank you very much...and Many, many more. Sorry if I missed your name!