• So what is this all about?
  • It is a monthly competition where tracks are made using only one synth for absolutely all sounds, including percussion, then voted on.
  • How do I enter?
  • Simply upload your track to SoundCloud before the deadline and share it with the current One-Synth-Challenge SoundCloud group, then write a forum post in the submissions thread where you announce your entry, including a list of how many instances of the synth you used, what DAW you used and what other effects (if any) there were, and you are entered.
  • What are the rules exactly?
  • General rules are here, but might vary slightly with each competition so check the synth page and first post
    of the submissions forum thread, but basically a
    track must be made using only the one synth and nothing else
    for all sounds including percussion. All plugin effects like equalizers, delays etc, must either be inside the synth / DAW or external effects which must freeware and easily available to all.

  • Is there a list of plugins I can use?
  • You can use any plugin as long as it's not against the rules, but here is anyway a list of recommended plugins: https://sites.google.com/site/kvrosc/recommended-plugins
  • What format should the track be in?
  • Any format accepted by SoundCloud is allowed.
  • Where do I upload my track?
  • There will be a link on the page for the synth in question here and also in the submissions forum thread.
    We currently use SoundCloud for uploads.
  • Upload to SoundCloud:
  • In the soundcloud group click "upload to group" to upload a track, or if you've already uploaded it, simply on the search box to select it.
  • Make sure the track is marked public and downloadable. (this will
    happen by default without account)
  • Your track won't appear in the player until moderated. Please wait. If 48 hours later it doesn't appear, PM a moderator.
  • Note that SoundCloud will transcode your track to 128kbps CBR (constant bitrate) MP3 for the website player
    even if it's already in that format! For best sounding results, upload in an uncompressed format (wav or aif) and
    keep a headroom of 3db (levels not maxed out).
  • I have trouble uploading my track, what can I do?
  • Try another browser or ask for help in the submissions forum thread.
  • How do I tag my MP3 file?
  • XP: Right-click file then: - > properties - > summary -> advanced
  • Vista: Right-click file then: - > properties - > Details
  • Win7: Make sure you are running as administrator then same as Vista above
  • Use Windows Media Player: In the library, right-click on the MP3 file and select "Advanced Tag Editor".
  • Use the free EasyTag or Mp3Tag program
  • My computer/DAW crashes or becomes unreliable using the synth, what can I do?
  • Some older synths don't work too well with the newer multi-core CPUs with many instances loaded, so one
    trick is to make copies of the dll with different names for each. Check also if your DAW has an option to load
    the synth in a different way.
    If none of this helps, you must bounce (record as audiofile) some tracks and then close down those instances
    of the synth to free up the processor.
  • How can I download all the tracks in one go?
  • After submissions deadline is over there will be a link supplied to a zip file with all tracks in high quality MP3 format and posted on the challenge page.
    • How do I vote?
    • After submission deadline at the end of the month, there will be a link here at the site and at the competition forum thread to the page where you can vote and instructions how to do it.
    • I entered a track, but I don't want to vote, is that OK?
    • You will be disqualified if you don't vote.
    • I am a spectator, may I still vote?
    • Yes, voting is open to all, but you need to have 40 posts at KVR forum before the start of the competition period.
    • I have an idea (freeware Synth or special / beta) for a great One Synth Challenge month, what do I do?
    • Use the general discussion forum thread not related to the individual competitions.
    • What is the 'sign in' link here on the page?
    • We are using Google Sites to host the web page, so that's just a general login for all Google Sites.
    • The MP3 player in the result sections won't work?
    • Reload the page and try again. If still not working, you might have set the browser or firewall
      to block flash players.
    • It is difficult making tracks and especially drum sounds with the synth, what can I do?
    • Here is a page with collected videos, tutorials and links that you might find useful.