The Hellenic Kryon channelings page

In 2007 Kryon delivered the channeling series "The Lightworker's Handbook” – basic information for anyone new to this kind of communication. Reading then the 2nd Lesson, I've been so touched by the analysis of the dark aspect of ourselves, that I just felt like translating it...

During the translation procedure, I've been realizing concepts and notions which had skipped my attention by a plain reading of the text. So I translated the other 4 Lessons with extreme pleasure. And then simply kept on!

Here you may find 217 Kryon written messages channeled by Lee Carroll and translated into Hellenic (Greek). Also, on the Greek YouTube channel KRYON IN HELLENIC you may find 612 subtitled audios, from 2014 till today. And we try all new ones coming out to be translated soon and be available to all, completely free.

So, study and enjoy these channelings which are offered without ANY obligation whatsoever. Forward or print and distribute them freely, to anyone (obviously Hellene) who may be interested.

I hope they touch your mind and heart, and empower you during the very interesting years ahead...

With love and gratitude,

Yorgos Hermelios Kyritsis

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