Afghanistan 2010

From August to November 2010, I was embedded with the US Special Operations headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. Unlike with my deployment to Iraq, this time there were no fancy palaces, but I was glad I had brought my camera nevertheless!

A lot more pictures are in my photo album. Please contact me if you want full-resolution versions or if you plan to use any of these pictures.

A Kabul neighborhood from the air

To my surprise, roses were everywhere.

Our base was in the Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood, of "Kite Runner" fame. And I actually got to fly one!

A full moon illuminating the flight line at Bagram

On every flight, door gunners are on the lookout for incoming missiles or small arms fire.

On the road, between Bagram and Gardez

A roadside grocer offering fruits and vegetables

An Afghan painter adds another set of names to the memorial wall commemorating the sacrifice of the over 100 Special Operations soldiers who have died in Afghanistan since September 11, 2001.

A Blackhawk helicopter approaching Kandahar