CoDE Floor Plan

The physical arrangement of the CoDE has been carefully planned to maximize the benefits of a multidisciplinary design environment while providing the flexibility to easily adapt to ad-hoc design exercises. The initial concept for the layout, shown below, is composed of three main areas: the Team Work Area at the front of the room, Breakout Area 1 and Breakout Area 2.

The Team Work Area is composed of the main table and supporting workstations and printers on each side. The main stage is in front of the main table where a Smartboard, a whiteboard and a projector are located.

The Breakout Areas’ main purpose is to provide a work environment for smaller groups, disciplinary exercises, etc. Each has a set of tables and three supporting work stations, as well as a projector and Smartboard. These areas can be integrated into the main work area by opening the curtains and using the workstations as support for large design exercises.