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Creswell Cemetery

 Welcome to Creswell Cemetery 

 In Eastaboga, Alabama

 Est. 10/07/2002

My name is James Carroll. My goal is to list the names of our relatives and others who are buried at Creswell Cemetery in Calhoun County, Alabama. It is not my intention for this page to be a family tree, even though some parts are beginning to look like it. If you have someone you would like to be listed here, or for corrections, email the information to me. There is no need to ask if I know any negative aspects about a person buried here; even if I knew I would not tell it. Likewise I don't want to hear any negative rumors about the people that I love. 

At this point, I would like to express my gratitude to Jesse J. Carroll Jr.; who is my chief advisor and helper on this project. Many thanks to all who have worked hard to keep this cemetery clean through the years. A special thanks to volunteers, Mr. Curtis L. Smith, an army sergeant, wounded in World War II, who cleaned the cemetery and kept the grass cut for a number of years, until his death; and to Little Rickey Carroll who is presently keeping the grass cut, and generally keeping the place looking good.

As children we learned it is hot on the 1st. Saturday in July and that Mudd Street had about 3 inches of dust. That is the day we all gathered up our garden tools and headed to Creswell Cemetery to work, visit and play. We cut every blade of grass in the cemetery with a garden hoe and rounded up the dirt on each grave into a mound. Then we swept the cemetery until there was not a blade of grass left in cemetery.

During all that work we found time to chase lizards. There was a spring down the hill and across the highway where we always went to get some fresh water.

Back then everyone had a garden and the vegetables were getting ripe. The women would bring loads of vegetables and fried chicken and barbecue. Uncle Lit would say a prayer and then we would proceed to have a picnic. After we went home we had to have a bath. I remember scratching red bugs for a week after Graveyard Working Day.

Thanks to Jesse J. Carroll and his cousin Joe Carroll who, on Oct 11, 1926, purchased the cemetery from J. D. Spears for the sum of $25.00, and recorded it as a public cemetery. I have always heard that the purchase price was $25, but the deed indicates it was $15. It is anyone's guess as to why Uncle Joe recorded the cemetery in Talladega County as it is clearly in Calhoun County.  
I am glad to add the North Texas Carrolls to this web site.

Names of Deceased

Abernathy, Bertha Lee b. 3/23/1933- d. 10/12/1954.

Bagley, J. W. b. 11/3/1828- d. 3/17/1904.

Bains Felton Lee son of H. G. and L. P. b. 11/11/1913- d. 5/4/1917.

Bains, Kenneth Richard b. 9/14/1931- d. 7/14/1933.

Barnett, Larkin PFC US Army WW11 b. 10/26/1919- d.- 5/15/1983.

Caldwell, Bill b. 1921- d. 1980.

Caldwell, Christopher Jerome b. 12/15/1975- d. 5/9/1996.

Caldwell, James D. b. 11/26/1888- d. 1/22/1970.

Caldwell, Mattie Carroll b. 8/31/1878- d. unk.

Caldwell, Peggy Williams b.1/4/1944- d. 3/1/2000.

Callahan, Emma Carroll b. 8/31/1895- d. 11/12/1925.

Carden, Billy b. 3/30/1935- d.2/28/1995.

Carden, Ed. L. b. 1/27/1942 d. 1/10/2000

Carden, Nellie Mae (wife of Gete Carden) Henry D. Carroll's Daughter.

Carden, Robert. L. b. 5/1/1944 d. 12/4/1995

Carden, Steven.

Carden, Windsor W. "Winkie" b. 12/19/1937- d. 11/15/1995 (Wife of Billy).

Carden, Gete F. 10/30/1911 d. 3/27/1996 (Nellie Mae Carroll)

Carroll, Alvin

Carroll, Amanda Warren b. 2/7/1858- d. 6/16/1906.

Carroll, Eula b. 1879- d. 1965.

Carroll, Aubie Lee b. 5/19/1925- d. 9/18/1927.

Carroll, Augusta Mae Hale b. 3/6/1881- d. 7/7/1951.

Carroll, Benjamin Franklin b. 2/7/1897- d. 7/1/1945.

Carroll, Bertha Laney b. 5/28/1895- d. 6/11/1961.

Carroll, Beulah May b. 8/19/1901- d. 11/20/1981.
Carroll, Billy G. b. 2/22/1938- d. 4/11/2009. 

Carroll, Bruell b. 2/22/1920- d. 2/18/1982.

Carroll, Charles A. b.1/12/1872- d. 2/8/1954.

Carroll, Christian Lee (grandson of Alfred and Martha) b. 12/1/1977- d. 2/9/1994.

Carroll, Dora Mae Denham b. 12/10/1907- d. 11/8/1986.

Carroll, Elizabeth Clay b.9/29/1934- d.2/06/2003

Carroll, Emma Jean Dau. of MC and RB Carroll b. 10/3/1932- d. 10/20/1934.

Carroll, Eula 1879 to 1965.

Carroll, Florence Creswell b. 5/16/1869- 10/4/1919.

Carroll, Floyd Ray Son of MC and RB b. 8/15/1940- d. 2/9/1941.

Carroll, Gladys W. b. 10/5/1924- d. 7/2/1999.

Carroll, John Henry

Carroll, Harvel G. D. 11/30/2010 Son of Macon 75 years old

Carroll, Henry D. b. 7/11/1888- d. 10/20/1952.

Carroll, Henry Jr. b. 4/30/1924- d. 7/1/1980.

Carroll, Infant son of MC and RB Carroll 8/7/1925.

Carroll, James Edward 'TR' b. 6/17/1930- d. 12/1/1978.

Carroll, Jerry Thomas b. 11/23/1909- d. 12/14/1935.

Carroll, Jesse Joseph b. 9/12/1895- d. 11/13/1959 ( Alabama Pvt MG Co. 321 Inf ).

Carroll, Jesse Joseph Jr. b. 9/24/1927- d. 9/20/2013

Carroll, Jesse Wesley ( J. W). b. 7/10/1834- d. 4/24/1895.

Carroll, Jesse Wesley (J. W). Jr. "Babe" b. 11/1860- d. 11/1926.

Carroll, Joe b. 5/20/1894- d. 11/29/1980. ( Bertha Laney Carroll )

Carroll, John T. Thomas b. 5/5/1870- d. 3/19/1941.

Carroll, John Thomas (son of Lit and Mildred) b. 9/15/1935- d. 3/15/1937.

Carroll, John W. b. 1887- d. 1936.

Carroll, Kenneth Ray

Carroll, Lester Hamp b. 4/7/1896- d. 6/28/1973.

Carroll, Macon C. b. 2/11/1900- d. 9/8/1963.

Carroll, Mana Laney b. 7/14/1905- d. 11/29/1985. ( Jesse J. Carroll )

Carroll, Martha ( wife of J. W. Carroll).

Carroll, Mavis P. b. 8/27/1928 -d. 3/25/1995.

Carroll, Mellie Hanner b. 7/3/1896- d. 7/22/1942.

Carroll, Myrtie Jo b. 1/27/1935- d. 1/26/1996.

Carroll, Patty LYNN b. 3/27/1960- d. 7/22/2015

Carroll, R. Beatrice b. 1/24/1902- d. 9/2/1975.

Carroll, Ralph Levon. b. 1/27/1934 d. 7/14/2004

Carroll, Robert E. L. "Bob" . b. 1886

Carroll, Roy Clyde b. 12/1/1928- d. 1/26/1982.

Carroll, Sarah F. Lee b. 3/5/1876- d. 5/19/1956.

Carroll, Sarah Frances Stephens b. 12/1869- d. 8/1908. ( J. W. Carroll "Babe")

Carroll, Simon b. 6/15/1886- d. 8/17/1930.

Carroll, Steve Roger b.---d. March 26, 2011

Carroll, William Andy b. 9/24/1894- d. 9/26/1952.

Carroll, William F. b. 9/19/1921- d. 2/14/1964.

Carroll, William Henry (son of J. W. (Babe) Carroll.

Carroll, William Joseph 10/7/1858- 7/28/1918.

Carroll, Willie Gladys b.1841- d.1924 (approximately)

Cotton, Ricky b. 11/26/1958 d. 1/14/2001

Creswell, James H. b. 1829- d. 1898.

Creswell, Allen Wallace (son of J. W.) b. 6/19/1898- d. 3/19/1898.

Creswell, Allen Wallace b. 9/30/1895- d. 11/19/1903.

Creswell, Alter 1905

Creswell, Charley George b. 2/16/1898- d. 3/10/1899.

Creswell, Cicero (son of J. A.) b. 6/16/1900- d. 10/27/1900.

Creswell, Fanny A. b. 1850- d. 1852.

Creswell, Infant b. 6/30/1923- d. unk.

Creswell, J. W. b. 2/17/1856- d. 3/9/1898.

Creswell, John A. b. 4/20/1868- d. 9/11/1911.

Creswell, John Floyd b. 6/19/1893- d. 3/19/1898.

Creswell, Lina Inez (Dau. of J. A. Creswell) b. 10/07/1904- d. 12/11/1905.

Creswell, Martha J. Carroll b. 1861- d. 1950.

Creswell, Samuel H. b. 2/27/1883- d. 8/27/1885.

Creswell, Una Inez b. 10/7/1904- d. 12/11/1905.

Epps, Infant b. 10/1/1911- d. 10/8/1911.

Franklin Vivian J. b. 9/3/1846 d. 9/31/1946.

Franklin, Dossie A. Carroll b. 2/26/1884- d. 8/19/1966.

Franklin, Faye E. b. 4/21/1918- d. 4/30/1987.

Franklin, James M. b. 3/22/1877- d. 12/6/1946.

Franklin, John Wesley infant  4/27/1950.

Franklin, Johnny infant son of   L. I. and Faye.

Franklin, Laurence I. b. 9/2/1922- d. 1/2001.

Franklin, Mary Novella infant 8/27/1947.

Franklin, Michael 2/27/1954.

Gilbert, William D. "Billy" b. 8/1/1940- d. 7/28/1990.

Hallman, Evie Carroll b. 1/27/1898 d. 4/26/1967

Hallman, Henry Webb b. 6/6/1878- d. 5/10/1968.

Harlin, Anne Mae d. 7/11/2005

Harlin, Donald Gene7/29/1951 to  7/20/1982 (son of Joseph and Anne Mae).

Harlin, Joseph W. 7/10/1917- d. 7/1/1994 1St. Sgt. U.S. Army WWII, Korean War, Vietnam.

Awarded Purple Heart.  (Married to Anne Mae Carroll).

Harlin, Ralph Glen SR. 12/7/1943 to 7/16/1982 (son of Joseph and Anne Mae).

Harlin, Troy Jimmie Jr.  3/13/1964 to 6/6/1989 (grandson of Joseph and Anne Mae)6/6/89.

Harlin, Virley Jeanette b. 11/10/1967 d. 3/25/2006

Kidd, Geraldine Carroll

b. 1926- d. 1961.

Kidd, Randy Gene b. 1/4/1954- d. 1/2/1964.

Lee, Miss Addie b. 10/1873- d. 7/1949.

Monica, Tom A. b. 5/24/1931- d. 5/28/1991.

Parrish, Lillie Carroll (daughter of Charles Carroll).

Pate, Selina Beatress b. 12/6/1896- d. 4/1/1958.

Sims, Dewayne b. 12/21/1974- d. 12/21/1974.

Sims, Rodney Gene b. 4/30/1966- d. 10/5/1980.

Smith, Curtis Sergeant US. Army, wounded in WW11 b. 9/18/1923 d. 11/08/2001.

Smith, Jane Louise b. 1/21/1949- d. 5/28/1994.

Walden, E. J. b. 10/23/1883- d. 9/9/1963.

Walden, Lottie Gray b. 6/26/1906- d. 3/21/1980.

Whitlock, Marion b. 6/13/1918- d. 6/3/1939.

Wingo, Mary Lulu b. 12/22/1886 d. 7/17/79