A religion or political ideology?

Is Islam a religion in the same sense as Christianity or Buddism or Hinduism, or Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, Catholicism or Judism?  Absolutely not!  Islam is an agressive, warring, political ideology.  Pat Robertson is "politically incorrect", but correct nonetheless when he declares Islam to be an ideology more than just a religion.  Even ex-Muslims declare Islam is not a religion.  It is odd that those who suggest Islam is an all-encompassing "ideology" rather than just a "relgion" are often accused of being bigots or Islamophobes.  Those accusers are either grossly ignorant of Islam or are purposely being deceptive.
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Islam is an all encompassing ideology that has its own legal, moral, social, military, financial as well as religions codes. (See "Sharia law").  As one Islamic website describes:  "Islam is a complete way of life. It impacts every part of life, from eating and sleeping to working and playing. It is not only a personal religion, but also a social one" - putting it mildly. 
This distinction between Islam and all other religions is described clearly in this commentary.
In its purest fundamental form, it is a fascist, top down political system.  Granted, not all Muslims practice Islam so completely, especially in non-Muslim countries.  (See "moderate" Muslim.)  Their practice becomes more complete and all-encompassing the greater the number concentrated in a particular area.  They are emboldened by their numbers to practice purer forms of their all-encompassing ideology.  They enlarge their numbers through varying degrees of influence, coercion, or violent terrorism, depending on the nation they are in.  In the US, Muslims most often work to "influence", or in Christian terms, "evangelize". In political terms, they are lobbyists for their cause.  In commercial terms, they are promoters of their cause.  Of course, there is the occasional "sudden Jihadi syndrome" that erupts in violent acts such as at Fort Hood. Or intricately planned attacks such as 9-11.   In countries with greater concentrations of Muslims, they are more agressive, practicing more overt forms of coercion often through fairly frequent acts of terror.  And in Islamic nations that are threatened with western intervention, terror acts are daily occurrances.
What is the rationale for proclaiming Islam an "ideology" rather than merely a protected "religion?"  It is this.  If Christian churches throughout this land trained their flocks in political action, advocated a foreign, fascist political system, preached hatred toward other religions, and sent funds to foreign movements to support anti-American activities, they would most certainly lose their tax exempt status.  They would no longer be classified as "houses of worship" but would be classified as houses of political action - actually sedititious political action.  That is exactly what is being taught and promoted in Islamic mosques and "training centers"  throughout this country.  CAIR is being exposed for their seditious actions.  If we can refrain from being politically correct long enough to act on what is going on in Islamic centers and Mosques, Islam will be correctly classified what it is - a fascist political movement more than a "religion."  See examples here, here, here, and here.
Are there any conditions under which a self-declared "religion" could or should lose its protected status as a "religion" in the United States and be outlawed?  In reality, the trend is in the opposite direction, toward suppressing the freedom of speech to express not only opinions, but facts, about a religion.  Read more about pending "hate speech" legislation here.
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