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Die Praxis der Orgelstimmung in Norddeutschland im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert und ihr Verhältnis zur zeitgenössischen Musikpraxis

(The practice of organ tuning in North Germany in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and its relationship to contemporary musical practice).

PhD Diss. Typoscript.

Göteborg: Göteborgs universitet, Dept. of Musicology and Film Studies, 2004.

(revised 2007, 317 pages).


Summary in English

Table of Contents

The proofread version as of 2004

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Single parts/chapters:

– Title, Table of Contents, Abstract, Acknowledgement ...

– Introductory Chapters 1–3

– Chapter 4 Temperatur, Stimmtonhöhe und Klaviaturumfänge im Nordseeküstengebiet

– Chapter 5 Stimmvorgang: Technik und Dauer

– Chapter 6 Fallbeispiel: Stimmung und Temperatur der von Hagerbeer/Schnitger-Orgel der Grote Sint Laurenskerk Alkmaar

– Chapter 7 Subsemitonien im Orgelbau Norddeutschlands und angrenzenden Gebieten

– Chapter 8 Orgeltemperatur in den großen Hansestädten

– Chapter 9 Ensemble-Intonation und Orgeltemperatur

– Chapter 10 Ausblick: Orgeltemperatur, Improvisation und Ensemble-Intonation

– Appendices, Bibliography, English Summary

Die stimmungsrelevanten Einträge der Rechnungsbücher der Lübecker Marienkirche 1622-1707

Transkriptions- und Editionsgrundlagen

Währung, Maße und Gewichte


Längere, fremdsprachige Zitate



The downloadable pdf-version differs slightly from the print-version.

The pdf-version is as much as possible 'cleaned' from typos, and the text has undergone only minor editing.

The print version is slightly shorter (315 pages), than the pdf-version here (317 pages).

Therefore you might find a deviation of max. 2 pages concerning page numbers in

references to my dissertation elsewhere. The search function of your pdf-reader might assist in these cases.

The total number of footnotes remained the same in both versions.


In the print footnote 9 had been added by mistake and left empty, and therefore it has been removed from the downloadable pdf-version.

Therefore the previous footnotes 10–23 have become the new footnotes 9–22 in the present pdf-version, and a new footnote 23 has been added. From footnote 24 the numbering is the same in both versions.


– A review of my PhD-thesis by Prof. Dr. Greta Moens-Haenen (Bremen, Hochschule für Künste) appeared in the Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning (STM), 2005.

My answers on each item of her critique are to be found in the comments)

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