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Ibo Ortgies Language & Research Services

Ibo Ortgies, PhD, Translator, Researcher
Göteborg, Sweden

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Postal address:
Ibo Ortgies
Language & Research Services
Redbergsvägen 7B 

  • Translation: EN, NL, SE, DE ––> DE, EN
  • Translation of historical texts in my areas of expertise
  • Proof-reading and editing (German)
  • Fact check
  • Improving style (German) and logical consistency of presentations, lectures, and articles – and always striving for a pleasant flow of words
  • Support of your business correspondence in German
  • Digital photography of archival sources
  • Transcription and edition of historical texts and music

For professional matters concerning my firm send an e-mail to info ∞ iboortgies ! com
For non-professional matters I prefer ibo ! ortgies ∞ googlemail ! com
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