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Ibo Ortgies, PhD

Musicologist, Music Historian, Translator

Ibo Ortgies Language & Research Services


  • Translation to German, from

  • Swedish

  • Dutch

  • English

  • Translation to English from

  • German

  • Dutch*

  • * In my fields of expertise only

  • Translation to English includes always editing

  • by highly experienced English editors,

  • who are experts in the respective field as well.

  • Translation of historical texts in my areas of expertise

  • Proof-reading and editing (German)

  • Fact check

  • Improving style (German) and logical consistency of various texts, amongst others books, articles, presentations, lectures ...

  • I always strive for a congruency of content, format, and style,

  • as well as for a pleasant flow of words,

  • Support of your business correspondence in German

  • Digital photography of archival sources

  • Transcription and edition of historical texts and music

.Previously I worked as researcher at the

University of Gothenburg (Göteborgs universitet), Sweden

GOArt (Göteborg Organ Art Center).

I have been working at GOArt from 2016

(occasionally part-time or time-limited positions).


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  • Detailed List of Publications

  • Doctoral Thesis, 2004

  • Die Praxis der Orgelstimmung in Norddeutschland im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert und ihr Verhältnis zur zeitgenössischen Musikpraxis.

    • (The practice of organ tuning in North Germany in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and its relationship to contemporary musical practice.)

      • Fulltext online completely available on this website for free download:

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Digital photos of various sources

- Lübeck, Archiv der Hansestadt Lübeck

- Lüneburg, Ratsbücherei

Lectures, Presentations, and Seminars

Organ Consultant

Lübeck piano building ca. 1730-1880:

A square piano by Rädecker & Lunau from Lübeck, ca. 1835: Documentation

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