Flame nebula and the Horsehead nebula by Francis Milsom

Here's another great astro photo by HAS member Francis Milsom. Francis has captured a lovely wide view of the Flame nebula and the Horsehead nebula on Saturday night 6th January. Taken with an unmodified DSLR (Nikon D800E).

The Pleiades by Francis Milsom

Here's a great astro photo by new HAS member Francis Milsom. Francis shot M45 (the Pleiades) on Friday night 5th January 2017.

Taken with a Nikon D5100 through a 115 EDT APO refractor, on an iEQ45 pro mount taking 15 subs: 10x 2 mins and 5x5 mins all 800iso::

Total Solar Eclipse - 21st August 2017 by Ken Ball

Ken Ball took these fantastic photographs of the Great American Eclipse at Snake River Ranch Wilson Jackson Hole Wyoming (43 32 N 110 49 W Altitude 1910m).

Equipment CANON EOS 60D DSLR Lens EFS 18-200mm  hand held images cropped.

2nd Contact diamond ring - ISO 400 f9 1/640:

2nd Contact diamond ring

Mid eclipse - ISO 400 f5.6 1/20:

Mid eclipse

3rd Contact diamond ring - ISO 400 f6.3 1/320

3rd Contact diamond ring

Transit of Mercury - Monday 9th May 2016

Mark, Chris, James and David went chasing after Mercury on Monday and successfully found it initially at the M6 Sandbach Service Area and then far more comfortably outside the Robin Hood at Congleton - here are some splendid photos from their day trip:

Perfect spot to observe the Transit

Chris has spotted the Sun

James captures Second Contact (can you see it - just after 9pm?)

Mark beautifully captures Mercury against the sun's disk

Close up of Mercury near the sunspots

Total Lunar Eclipse - 28th September 2015

Wonderful observing conditions for the total eclipse of the moon in the early hours of Monday 28th September. Here are some photographs taken by HAS members.

Mark took these using his 4" Astro Tech APO refractor on SkyTee 2 mount using a Canon 50D DSLR - a lovely sequence starting with the full moon, gradually being eclipsed by the earth and finally the rusty red and orange eclipsed moon:

Martin took these using his Canon 400D DSLR with a Tamron telephoto lens (an old 500mm cat lens) on a camera tripod, showing the moon at totality and then the brightening edge of the moon as it just begins to move out of the earth's shadow:

The Perseids 2015 by Graham Russell

Graham Russell took this wonderful composite photograph of this summer's Perseid meteor shower - thanks to a break in the clouds around midnight over Kingsthorne:

Image of Comet Lovejoy C/2014 taken on 20th December 2014 by Graham Russell.

Graham used a Takahashi FSQ ED 106mm f5 with a focal length of 530mm at the Siding Spring Observatory operated by iTelescope.Net.  It is a single shot 5min luminance exposure taken using the ephemeris data from the Minor Planet Center. Comet Lovejoy C/2014

Two photos of sun spot activity - 2014 - Mark Chamberlain 

(note they look Green because of the Baader Continuum filter used in taking the photos)

M31 Andromeda Galaxy - 2011 - Martin Stratford

The Pleiades or Seven Sisters (M45) open star cluster - 2010 - Martin Stratford

The Pleiades or Seven Sisters - M45 open star cluster

Mid-Eclipse - 2008 - Mark Chamberlain

Lunar Eclipse - 2007 - S J Watson