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  • What's Next - Meeting - 3rd May - Living with a Star – a new encounter with the Sun
    Our next event is the monthly meeting at the Kindle Centre.

    We are delighted to welcome Professor Robert Walsh from the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute at the University of Central Lancashire. Prof Walsh studies the sun combining theoretical modelling with multi-spacecraft solar observations. He has led a long-term partnership between UCLan and NASA collaborating on space missions including the Solar Dynamics Observatory and the High resolution Coronal Imager (HI-C). Throughout his academic career, Prof Walsh has engaged the public with his research and is possibly the only Professor to hold a Guinness World Record for public engagement with research. Along the way he has been given awards by the British Association for the Advancement of Science and the Royal Institution.

    Prof Walsh takes us on a journey exploring the sun illustrated with some of the fabulous images captured by solar spacecraft.
Thursday 3rd May 2018
7 - 9 pm
Living with a Star – a new encounter with the Sun
Prof. Robert Walsh (University of Central Lancashire)

                          • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
                            Well this is something I never expected to have to put on an Astronomy website.

                            Mark has emailed members with a formal notice asking you to confirm whether you wish the society to keep your name and email address on the society's database in order for us to be able to continue to send you notices, reminders and information about meetings and other stuff we think would be of interest to you.

                            If you haven't already, please email Mark (here) with your agreement - suggested wording:
                          <Your Name>

                            • Society Visit to Madley BT Communication Centre and Earth Station - 5th April 
                              We were very lucky with our April meeting visit the Madley BT Communication Centre and Earth Station - no rain! Ian Collins kindly showed us round the site and facilities and did a grand job and thanks to Bob Bowden for organising the visit for us. The big dishes are impressive close up - although size doesn't seem to matter so much with more sensitive receivers and more powerful satellites.

                              There's some information about the site and services supported at Madley here.


                            • Visit to Norman Lockyer Observatory and Herschel Museum, Bath - 10-11th March
                              Members who were able to go on the society trip to the Norman Lockyer Observatory outside Sidmouth and the Herschel Museum in Bath had a great weekend. As David put it "a really enjoyable and stimulating time away. Thanks for organising it Paul.".

                              Here's a photo of the intrepid party taken by Ken's wife in the garden where Sir William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781:

                              Uranus garden

                            • Member's photo
                              Here's another astro photo by a HAS member - a cropped Hydrogen Alpha image of NGC2244 - the Rosette Nebula - from last October. Taken using a Star71 fl 350mm scope on an HEQ5 mount with KAF8300 imaging sensor:
                              NGC2244 - the Rosette Nebula

                              Next Meeting:

                              Have a look at the rest of our programme for 2017/2018 here.

                              Thursday 3rd May 2018
                              7 - 9 pm
                              Living with a Star – a new encounter with the Sun
                              Prof. Robert Walsh (University of Central Lancashire)

                              at the Kindle Centre Belmont Road Hereford HR2 7JE  (Next to ASDA - more information here

                              Next Observing Session:

                              The days are lengthening and the clocks change on 25th March which means it doesn't get dark until later in the evenings - too late for our observing sessions. We will start them up again in October. 

                              The National Trust has very kindly allowed us the use of the grounds in front of Berrington Hall to hold our observing evenings. Berrington Hall is located just to the north of Leominster and the site has a wide open vista to the south with reasonably dark skies. Like all good National Trust properties, Berrington Hall has a cafe - which we are allowed access to when retreating from the cold or clouded skies. Berrington Hall is a neo-classical mansion with fine interiors, set in landscaped grounds - well worth a visit in day time (here).

                              So come and talk to new or more experienced society members - hopefully have a look through some telescopes and binoculars at the night sky. Share your thoughts, pick up some observing tips and recommendations, discuss your astronomical problems and projects, bring your own equipment for advice on how best to use it. We will defer the observing meeting to the following evening (Friday) if the weather forecast indicates it would be better. Members can bring their own refreshments and the Servant's Hall Tea Room will be left open for us to use for refreshment and talks. Look out for the latest news on this website and we'll email out any change to arrangements to members.

                              TBC October 2018
                              6:30 - 9 pm
                              Berrington Hall
                              Practical observing and advice session.
                              More information here. 

                              Next Star Party:

                              We had a great Star Party with the Madley Environmental Study Centre (MESC) on 22nd February. The clouds managed to clear out of the way in the evening so we were able to give a mix of talks by Mark and observing through half a dozen or so telescopes and binoculars brought along by society members. For some grown ups and children attending it was the first time they'd looked through a telescope and seen the moon close up or looked at stars, clusters and nebulae - much to their delight. For pretty much all of us, it was the first time we'd heard of and seen the "Lunar X" - only visible for a couple of hours each month (here).

                              Next Star Party TBD.

                              TBDStar Party
                              More information here. 

                              Next Visit:

                              Once or twice a year, members like to jump in cars or climb in a mini-bus and make their way to go and see something interesting outside of Herefordshire (passports not required - so far). Previous trips have been to the Spaceguard Centre, the International Astronomy Show, the National Space Centre, Jodrell Bank and this year a weekend trip that took in the Norman Lockyer Observatory outside Sidmouth and the Herschel Museum in Bath.

                              Members pay for shared transport and any entrance fees as appropriate..

                              Next visit TBD.


                              Where would you like to go ?
                              This year the society visited the Norman Lockyer Observatory, the Lockyer Technology Centre (radio astronomy) and the Planetarium in Sidmouth, Devon. It was a great weekend.

                              If there's somewhere you'd like us to organise a trip to - drop a member of the committee a line with your suggestion (contact details here).