Sell your birds here


  Hello friend .

  If you have birds for sale and you would like to sell them on my site you can easily do it . receives between 450.000 -520.000 (and growing )unique visitors every  month from all over the world.
There will be a payment of $ 0.99/month per each bird, from the moment it will be featured on site until it gets sold or until you decide to stop. The method of payment is PayPal.

 I think is a very very cheap price to pay for your bird to be seen by 500.000 people each month  from all over the world.

   The rules are simple ,you set a fix price for the bird ,people interested in the bird will contact me and further on i will  let you    know  about the potential buyer .
   The way you want to get paid and the modality of delivering the bird will be established between you and the buyer .

   I would strongly suggest Pay Pal as method of payment as nobody wants to disclose their bank details  .

   If you do not have a PayPal account you can open one here
  • For $ 0.99 /month per each bird you will be able to have  3  images per each bird  and that i would suggest to be :

  1 image of your bird   jpeg file,( maximum size) - 700 pixel wide and 500 pix height.

  1 image for the eye   jpeg file,( maximum size)-    700 wide/ 500 height.

  1 image for the wing  jpeg file ,(maximum size) -   700 wide/500 height.
  •   For $ 1.99 / month per each bird you will be able to have the above option plus 1 minute video of the bird you want to sell .
Choose whichever option will suit your needs and let me know what other info you need.

If you struggle  with the images send me an email and i will help you out.
You can contact me for furhter details at