Racing Pigeons Diseases and Treatments

" A true fancier is the one who`s birds are always on top, whether they race under his management or somebody elses generation after generation,a true fancier is the one who love competitions and speak highly about his competitors ...Above all ,a true fancier is the one who teach others into the sport and gladly talk about his winning ways "

Dacian Busecan.

Here i Present You The Most Common Disease of Racing Pigeons


Unfortunately this disease is a real killer and the treatment products for it will serve their purpose if you use them to prevent it only, not to cure it .

What you have to do is : when your young birds have reached 4 weeks old you will vaccinate them .When buying the product you should be provide with a seringe and a special needle .You ll need to inject the bird under the skin on the back of the head towards the tail direction and not towards the beak.

Also you will vaccinate older birds 3 weeks before pairing .

The quantity of each jab you should find it in the vaccine description which should come along with the vaccine itself .

For the reason that birds infested with this disease will always be carriers i don`t waste time in treating them ...i eliminate them instantly...

The Symptoms of Paramyxovirus are :

Loss of balance

Big dilatation of the pupil

Loose of colour in the eyes

Loss of weight

Twisting of neck and head

Watery green slimy droppings.

Products for treatment :

Columbovac PMV

PMV1 Vaccine (Lohmann Animal Health)


Parastop (Belgica-DeWeerd)

2) CANKER (Trichomoniasis)

It is caused by a flagellate, living on the mucous membranes of the throat and the crop.

Symptoms of Canker:

Yellow little growings easy to spot when open the pigeons beak ,sometimes looks like a loose membrane (make no mistake it s not)

Loss of appetite

Problem digesting

Watery droppings

Products for treatment :

Ronidazole (Ridzol)(DAC)

Metronidazole (Flagyl) (DAC)

B.S. (Belgica-DeWeerd)

Ronidazole 10% (Pantex)

Ronidazole 40 (Pantex)


3) PARATHYPHOID (Salmonella)

Symptoms of Paratyphoid:

We can spot this desease on the moulting season ...the droping feathers is accompanied with blood on the root side.

Loss of condition and weight.

Green slimy droppings.

Swelling of the leg and wing joints.

Limping -pigeons find hard to move on their legs often falling down on their beak

Wings are crawled to the floor because of the swelling joints

Infertile Eggs.

Products for Prevention and Cure:

Furaltadone & Colistine 5% (DAC)

Parastop (Belgica-DeWeerd)

Parastop (Pantex)

Para-Mix 1 (Travipharma)

Sal-Bac Vaccine (Bio-Mune)

4) COCCI (Coccidiosis)

We can find this disease in humid dirty lofts .

Symptoms of Coccidiosis :

Very quick loss of weight.

Slimy dark green droppings


Lose of desire to fly

Pigeons infected with cocci manifest an increase desire to drink water

Products for treatment :


Dacoxine 4 in 1 (DAC)

Trimethoprim/Sulfa (DAC)

Coccimix (Pantex)

Cocci-Geel (Pantex)

Cocci-Mix 1 (Travipharma)


You will see often this disease during the moulting season when the quantity of dust rises in the lofts due to feathering changes.

Over 65% of young birds have problems with the Ornithosis complex.

Symptoms of Ornithosis:

One eye blinding

Lack of condition

Nasal secretions

Decreased desire to fly

Scratching the head and beak

Swollen eye lids & wet eyes.

Sneezing, rattling and coughing

Discoloured wattles

Slime in the throat

Products for treatment ;

Respiratory Plus (Global)

1 + 1 Cure (DAC)

Spiradac (DAC)

Tylosine (DAC)

Orni-Special (Belgica-DeWeerd)

Ornithosis 3 (Belgica-DeWeerd)

Ornimix W.S.P. (Pantex)


Also known and the Young Bird Sickness

Up to 70% can be infected and show the symptoms. The disease is a combination of an Adeno-Virus, which opens the way for the suddenly aggressive E-Coli bacteria, often a Circo Virus is also involved.

Symptoms of Adeno-Coli Syndrom:

Loss of appetite

Clear watery droppings with small fecal matter in the center


Rapid loss of weight.

Death appear in a matter of days.

Products for treatment :

Belg-Amco (Belgica-DeWeerd)

4 in 1 Mix (Belgica-DeWeerd)

Dacoxine 4 in 1 (DAC)


Candida is a mould and yeast infection of the crop and the intestines.

Symptons of Candida:

No desire to fly

Poor performance in the races.

Losses in Training and Races.

8) WORMS (Hair, Round & Tape Worms)

Symptoms of Worms

Unfertile eggs

Loss of Condition

Loss of Weight

Watery droppings

Loss of desire to fly

Products for treatment

Combi-Worm (All worms) (Global)

Belga-Wormac (Hair & Roundworm)

Wormmix (Hair & Roundworms) (DAC)

Worm-Ex (Hair & Roundworms) (Pantex)

All These disease i presented here have one thing in common - unsanitary lofts , Roddents also are a big problem and disease carriers and infesters only by accessing the loft they can transmit all these disease be careful .

One of the biggest mistake most pigeons fanciers are doing is bringing new birds on the loft without checking on them first and mixing them up with the existing birds in the loft.

It does not matter from who you got the bird and how much you ve paid for it

i know you are anxious to see it in action whatever that may be, but do yourself

a big favor check it first and most of all put it separately for about 10 days and keep eye on her , check out the health section

brought to you by Dacian Busecan

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