Racing Birds - The use of Lemon in our pigeons diet

It was a divine moment ,when i saw its shiny aluminium ring I thought it was a messanger from god himself...

Man i was so hooked up, i even believed it was born with that ring. Looking back over the years at that moment in time

i realized that i was always met to be around racing pigeons ,it was just a matter of when will that happen ,the call

of that bird was there for me and i am really glad it happened at an early age in my life. After a few days i have paid

a visit to the old fancier and the first advice he gave me was ... i will never forget it ,

"Keep the bird healthy no mater what ".

For people that do not have this call, this weakness ,this love , this great need in their lives it is easy to say:

What`s the big deal about these pigeons? for me, for us all i believe, it is simply of being who we are, it is that

special thing that makes us smile from early hours of each day, it is a place where we find ourseleves at peace like

nowhere else, it is that thing that keep us going when we are old ,it is that thing that makes us stronger when we

think we have reached our limits, it is a refuge when there is nowhere to hide ,it is us expressing ourselves, it is

us being ourselves ,that is how i feel about these pigeons and i am realy glad that i have the opportunity of sharing my

experince with all of you my fellow fanciers friends .

We wake up early in the morning after a long frosty winter night ,we prepare our coffe and make our way towards our

lofts while taking a sip. Each time we find ourselves on this path we ask ourselves a question

"How are the racing birds doing?".

We open the door and look to our pigeons, an experienced fancier will be able to tell about the health of his/her birds

by simply looking at their droppings .Without to much help from our vet specilalist we can easily see for ourselves

the overall health of our birds .Droppings are the first sign of a presence of a disease in our lofts.

The color of our pigeons droppings is not an indicator of our birds health but rather their consistancy.

We can easily observe that once we serve our birds a higher percentage of black sunflower seeds in their diet ,their

droppings will turn to black color while we serve our birds a higher percentage of thick bean and red minerals

in their diet we can see that their droppings will turn to brown-red.So as i have mentioned earlier the color

does not denote the overall health of our racing birds but raher their consistancy and these droppings must be strong

almost free of water in the shape of a snail shell with a little feather on top of it.

Checking our birds every day is a "Must" on this sport and i always recommend to all fanciers to learn and understand

this important aspect of this sport before anything else. We must train our eyes in seeing with ease these indicators

of our birds health . Where our lofts are clean and well looked after this check will be an easy task, while where

the lofts are left uncleaned and full of droppings the check will be hard to be performed and inexact.

Any modification in our birds droppings must be monitored closely. A simple reduction to a minimum of the air

ventilation at the floor level it seems to do wonders especially when it is implemented during the night time .

Perfect droppings is an indicator of an extremely well balanced digestive system of our racing birds ,it means that their

internal organs responsible for food processing are working in a perfect harmony. When checking these droppings

in the early hours of each day we can simply tell about how the bird has spent the night especially for the birds that

have their own nest box and not resting perches. Where we see in the morning that the droppings are diplayed in a

very small circle on the nest box we can rest asure that the inhabitant of that box had a good night sleep while

where we see that the droppings were displayed Over Night time all around the box we should understand immediatley

that somehing is not as it should be with that particular bird.

We all know that these days there are many factors which may hinder our pigeons health and safety must always be

touched on when looking to use one product or another to prevent or cure a health issue of our birds.

Regular practice and the way we perceive things are the main two factors that make us take actions or simply ignore them

When we walk on busy roads we come across of all kind of signs for example traffic lights where the green light means

free to go and red means stop our minds tell us that green is not just a color but rather what it means and

red color is not just a red color but rather what it means. All natural products I am presenting on my articles,

books and videos are not just simple products ,we must perceive them as what exactly are benefiting our birds with

through their components and elements inside them .

To be even more explicit we must not perceive lemon (the product i intend to talk about on this presentation) as a common yellow colored fruit with a beautiful fragrance that contains Vitamine C, we must look at it and perceive it as an

IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER for our pigeons which will protect our birds from contracting all sorts of diseases . When we set our minds in this way of seeing these natural products we are definitely on the right road.

So my dear friend,.... Lemon is not a yellow fruit but rather an immune system booster aid for our birds.

Do not worry, my friend said

I am gonna give the bird to you.

bird". From the moment that bird looked in to my eyes i realized what it means to be complete, no other pets i used to have could fill that need of mine .I can see myself studying the bird on all sides while my friend started to tell me stories about how these birds can return from great distances and carry messages .

In every fancier`s eyes pigeons are the most wonderful creatures to share our lives with, we can look for hours at them

and still feel like there is more to see on them .We look at each one of them patientely,the way they behave, we learn

about their characters, some are shy ,some are overteritorial, while others will come and sit on our shoulder and

study us with no fear whatsoever. We all have our little story that we can not forget in the way we have

embraced this sport, how it all begun, how we willingly let these unique creatures to conquer our hearts only

to never let go after. I remember myslef many years ago stearing at this blue bar racing bird that one of my friends

received from an old fancier ,it was one of the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, i was absolutely mesmerised

by the way it looked and i said to myself "i got to have this

All Natural products i will present in my writings will benefit your birds with the following :

Increasing their lifespan.

Increasing fertility .

Extended breeding life for older hens and cocks.

Immune system enhancement.

Healthier ofsprings with less deformities and increased survival rate.

Optimum growth and development of internal organs.

Perfectly developed skeleton.

Improved feather growth, color and condition.

Prevention and treatment of internal and external parasites.

Protection against mycotoxins.

Prevention of bacterial and viral infections, and much more.

Below i will explain the benefits of using lemon in our pigeons diet, its components and dosage of use, here we go again.

Known for its therapeutic property since generations, lemon helps to strengthen the immune system of the birds,

helps the digestive system , and it is considered an excellent blood purifier.The health benefits of lemon are due

to its many nourishing elements like :

Vitamin C

Vitamin B





In the pigeons diet we can use most of the time the juice from a half lemon in 1 litre of water two - three times per week .

The juice from a half of lemon we can add it also to 1 kilogram of food and serve it to pigeons after has dried out ,also

two - three times per week. When used in the water there will be no need to use it on the food and viceversa.

When we prefer to use this product in the water we can also add 1 tablespoon of honey bee to make it even tastyer.

This product can be used in all our loft compartments : breeders, racers, young birds. All the fanciers i have met so far

stated that they have used successfully this excellent product for its benefits in their birds diet .

I hope you enjoyed reading these lines and i wish you all a very successful fancier career.


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