The crying bird

Do birds cry ?

I think they do, but they cry inside them . We don`t see any tears on their eyes each time they suffer from

a disease or injury. The presence of so called tears in one or both eyes represent the presence of a disease

called Ornithosis and if untreated can lead to one eye blindness

A suffering bird will hide its tears inside until the last moment.

It was a beautiful summer day and all the birds were enjoying their free flight . They went up on the sky and started

to leave their loft behind .Four young cocks returned after 10 minutes as they were having a few days old babies .

They came down in the garden and start picking some fresh grass seeds. I looked at them and thought to myself how

parenthood instinct takes over in their lives . I turned around and carried on with my things around the house .

From time to time I would check on them again to make sure that no fury pets belonging to neighbours gets a sudden

interest on them . All looked good . As I turned around from them, I heard them flying for their lives and shortly after

a noise as if you would hit a tree with a hammer . I knew something bad has happened.

I rushed towards where the noise came from and I saw the prey bird flying above the trees with no bird on its powerful claws. I took a deep breath of relief . It was not for long . At about 15 metres away from me I saw a checker pied bird on the ground close to a tree, fighting for its life trying to hold its head up with its wings and tail open sideways. The bird hit the tree in a desperate move to escape from the predator. I rushed towards it and grubbed it trying to calm it down. I covered its head with one palm trying to create shade and comfort .

The bird was in an agonising pain. I felt its breast bone broken in half and the white colour patches that were spread on its neck were all covered in blood coming from its beak . When its blood reached my hand I felt its warmth almost like a slight burnt . Please don`t die, I whispered slowly so no one can hear me.

Its life was slipping away just like a dried leave waiting to fall in a late white autumn . It kept opening its beak grasping for air . It looked at me petrified with its eyes covered in mist. With an last effort it rested its head on my palm .

I have lost it . I have lost a friend . Damn it. I looked once more into its half open eyes .

The mist has turned into tears . It was the first time I have ever seen tears in a pigeon`s eyes.

As I was laying the bird safely so my kids could not see it ,one of the kids approached me from nowhere and asked me.

What happen Dad ? You look really sad.

I lost a friend darling , I replied hiding my hands on my back.

Was it a good friend Dad ? she continued .

It definitely was darling, it definitely was .

Brought to you by Dacian Busecan.