Racing Pigeons Top Tips and Secrets

Through this site i have explained general valuable informations about racing pigeons ,on this page you will find only the Secrets and Top Tips ... in other words ...

What exactly champions are really doing that their racing pigeons always get the top positions all the time ?

Here we go :

Tip #1

Build or adapt your basket that way so you can teach the young ones to drink

water from the basket that way when pigeons on the racing day will be given

water to drink your birds will know what they have to do...imagine a very hot day on a 200 km day race - and your pigeons are really thursty ...there is a big chance that they will land somewhere during the race to drink water ,doing so they will loose from 3-5 minutes ...a 200 km speed race finishes in about 2 understand better i ll give you an example .

liberation time - 10.00 am

First pigeon arrived - 12.30

Last pigeon arrived - 12.32 ,these are the pigeons that were on time

IN other words your pigeons had 2 minutes to be on time the get some results

...... here comes the question ....

If your pigeons lost 3-5 minutes on the fields drinking water do you really expect

them to arrive on time ?????? - i don t think so and neither should you ...

I can only hope that you realize how important it is to teach your birds to

drink water and eat from the basket

Tip # 2

Build your loft facing towards the sun ,lifted from the ground at minimum 50 cm ,and with a very good ventilation ...Humidity is a big enemy for pigeons health ,by doing this you will ensure to have a dry loft and the air can circculate under the loft as well.

Tip # 3

Provide a transparent roof for the entire aviary section ...pigeons don t need to stay in the rain to take a bath ... it is very indicated to provide the chance to the pigeons to take a salt bath every 2 days ,this will ensure a good feathering quality for your birds and will keep external parasites away from them .

Bath will always have an calming and revigoration efect on the pigeons you will notice after the bath pigeons are extremely calms and will stay very close to eachother without being bothered or fighting .

Tip # 4

The Real Natural System

I strongly advice anybody that participate on SPEED and MIDDLE distance races to apply the darkness and widowhood system for the young birds ,and widowhood system for the 1 year old and mature birds ....WHY... Over the years i ve seen this on many many races, fanciers who race on widowhood system are always ,always ,always in front compare with those racing on the natural system you simply can not beat them and the explanation is very simple ...the birds flown on the natural system are simply too tired by rearing youngsters ,sitting on eggs ,building nests and so on .

These birds are simply wasting their energy rather then preserve it for the actual race ...although the birds flown on the natural system are looking good physically speaking the energy and stamina they need on the race is just not there ...but i REPEAT AGAIN ...only in the SPEED and MIDDLE distance races............and now i m gonna tell you about the REAL NATURAL SYSTEM ....that you can apply on LONG and MARATHON distances and have big chances in winning over the widowers.

Here we go ....

First lets define again what is the natural system in homing pigeons racing...

We can say that a bird( weather it is mature or youngster) is race on the natural system if it has eggs or babies please pay close attention this is really really important what i am about to tell you ...The REAL NATURAL SYSTEM that REVEALS champions all over the world DOES NOT MEAN that at the begining of the year you pair two pigeons together and these pigeons will rear two or three generation of babies and when marathon races come you will send them to race hoping that on that day they will have either eggs or babies ...WRONG ...VERY WRONG ...EXTREMELY WRONG...

The Natural System That reveal us the Champions is done as it follows ......

At the beginning of the year plan carefully which bird or birds you will send to the long races ,on this example lets say your bird is a hen and will participate on the 30.000 birds National Race from 1.300 km . This special hen will need to have the power and determination (motivation) to compete against 29.999 pigeons .

To give her the biggest advantage possible you will not pair this bird with any bird from your loft only with 20 days before the basketing day for the big race ,this way the hen will be sitting on eggs for about 10 to 12 days .

The day before basketing you will place in her nest a 5 - 7 days young bird and let her sit on it until the moment of basketing ...this is the real natural system that the real fanciers apply to the hens for the marathon distance races ,and you can easily observe why these birds have a big chance of winning...

First off all the hen has got the energy she need because she never wasted on rearing until now ,second her mother instincts increase extremely when you place the young bird on her nest ,doing these two things you ve just created A FULL TANK ROCKET ready to fly 1300 km to her baby in the shortest time possible.

brought to you by Dacian busecan

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