RACING BIRDS - The use of Apple Cider Vinegar in our racing birds diet

There is an aspect though of this sport that must be learned the right way and this is the health of our birds, how to keep them healthy throughout the year and as far as possible from chemically produced substances. This aspect of the sport must be as the horizon, a straight firm line , no ups and dawns ,no left or right , and we must learn it at the highest level meaning : Extremely benefic for our racing birds and at the same time extremely effective. In my point of view the health of our birds is the most important factor of all .I have never seen or heard of any athlete in winning a race while sick or under some form or stage of a disease in any sport. The products and the "How to" methods i intend to share with you can be applied anywhere in the world throughout the year without the fear of hearing that whisper in your ears

"Will it work for me too"? .Yes my dear friend this methods do work for anyone.

From time to time when i make visits to different lofts i hear people say “ This bird has never been sick” ,i simply love to hear this expression from people`s mouth as this little phrase ,although not entirely true ,it denotes that we can still achieve the “perfect”immune systems for our birds .Why this little phrase is not entirely true? you would ask ….because i am hundred percent sure that at some point on its life ,the bird has encountered some form of disease, but it was not shown on the outside, the bird did not look upset and did not stand in one corner with its head between the shoulders, the answer to this question is that its immune system was so well developed and powerful that it managed to overcome the condition without too much help from the fancier.

Before i start presenting this wonderful product i would like everybody to know that the natural remedies presented in my articles ,are not risky alternative therapies practiced against our vet doctor's suggestions ,but rather they are safe, free of chemicals, and above all Tested .The usage of these Natural products on daily basis in our pigeons diet will help us prevent and treat all kind of pigeons health problems.The Natural products i will present in my writings will benefit your birds by :

    • Increasing their lifespan.

    • Increasing fertility .

    • Extended breeding life for older hens and cocks.

    • Immune system enhancement.

    • Healthier ofsprings with less deformities and increased survival rate.

    • Optimum growth and development of internal organs.

    • Perfectly developed skeleton.

    • Improved feather growth, color and condition.

    • Prevention and treatment of internal and external parasites.

    • Protection against mycotoxins.

    • Prevention of bacterial and viral infections, and much more.

Tested over and over again by myself and other fanciers worldwide these natural remedies have proved to be extremely efficient although their effect will take a little longer than chemicaly produced antibiotics to show .I strongly believe that we must always follow and live in life according to principles teories or philosophies that we can apply them into practice in ourday by day life. A theory that does not have practical applications remains just a theory while the time spent in reading and learning it remains a waste of precious time. In pigeon racing sport a question we must always ask ourselves when such theories comes before our eyes is:"Will this work for my racing birds" ?.

We must always be in the look for better, easier, safer methods regarding all the aspects of the racing pigeons sport.

I have always said in my books that when we think we have found something that will benefit our birds we should always try it ,But when we do this we should always try it on a very small number of birds and monitor the results.Where the results are those expected we should further implemented in our lofts, and where the results are not there we should simply walk away from it.

Natural Remedies have been around for many many years and the one thing that puts a lot of people off by using them is Comodity or the fact that we have never heard of them before or how to proper use them.Before i start describing the second Natural Product i will always recommend everyone to use half of the dosage prresented in the case it has never been used before and gradually increase it .

The pigeon racing sport covers many aspects but we all know for a fact that one method used by a winner somewhere in the world might very well not work so fine in our loft. When we take in consideration climate, loft positioning and building, feeding, motivation, training, the quality of our birds, we realize that these factors are quite different even from our loft to the one next door. I call these aspects variables because we always need to increase - reduce, add - take away, improvise and test, meaning that we must always look to find the right balance in between them to get the best out from our racing birds at the right time.

On this article i would like to share with you an Excellent product that has been used on daily basis by a tremenduous fancier, the winner of 1 st International Barcelona race. The fancier i am talking about is Mr. Lothar Lessmeister of Germany who won the Ultimate price in the summer of 2016.

When i have first find out that Mr.Lessmeister uses in his racing birds diet this -so common- product yet so powerful it was another confirmation from another fancier of how important and beneficial these natural products are in the life of our racing birds, only this time it has came to me from the highest level.

I can only hope that these excellent news will represent for many fanciers a new way ,a turning point in the right direction of this sportfrom the health point of view and that is the use of more and more natural products in their pigeons diet.

On what follows i will describe the use of Bio Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV in our pigeons we go again:

For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used to help cure and prevent all sorts of health problems in humans and animals. Apple cider vinegar contains a high percentage of acetic acid, which has a potent biological effects and also,potassium, amino acids ,and antioxidants. Vinegar can help kill pathogens, including bacteria and/or prevent them from multiplying and reaching harmful levels ,it has traditionally been used for cleaning and disinfecting, fungus, lice, warts and infections.

Using the apple cider vinegar in your racing birds diet will lower the chance of E.coli bacteria to settle in your loft .

The beneficial effect of lowering the PH under 5.5 in the intestines of the birds ,brings along the incapability of tricomoniasis to develop .

Apple Cider Vinegar is also an :

    • Excellent support for Digestive system

    • Excellent support for Circulatory system

    • Antibiotic properties

This excellent product may be used in the drinking water, food and bath water:

Dosage :

When we intend to offer this product in the drinking water i would recommend in using a bottle ( glas,plastic) as we will need to agitate the mixed content before we offer it to our birds.

1 tablespoon per 1 litre of water ,give it a good shake place it in the drinker and then serve it to your pigeons .

Do not overdose ,and 2-3 days per week of usage is enough to boost your birds immune system :

For example : Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

We can also use this product on the food itself and the rigfht dosage will be 1 teaspoon per 1 kilogram of food.

All we need to do is sprinkle it on the food ,mix it well and then let it dry for 1 hour.

After 1 hour we can serve it to our racing birds.

Do not overdose, and when offered 2 days a week , Example: Tuesday and Friday should keep your birds in good health.

Any change in the droppings of our birds (softer) it is something we should expect if we have never used this excellent product before.All we need to do is use half the quantity recommended and then gradualy increase it to the right dosage.

For its extremely benefic properties we can use ACV in the bath water that we must offer our birds minimum twice per week .The right dosage is 200ml per 20 litres of water .As a result we will notice that our birds feathers will become very shiny and free of parasites.

This product can easily be found in supermarkets and organic food shops .

This my friends is in a Nutshell the way of using Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV in our racing birds diet.

I hope you enjoyed reading these lines and i wish you all a very successful fancier career.


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