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" A true fancier is the one who`s birds are always on top, whether they race under his management or somebody elses generation after generation,a true fancier is the one who love competitions and speak highly about his competitors ...Above all ,a true fancier is the one who teach others into the sport and gladly talk about his winning ways "
                                                                                                   Dacian Busecan.

I have created this site in order to help people out by providing as much information as i can regarding racing pigeons sport . If  you find useful the information i am providing all i can say is that there will be much much more to come .If you are using this information by applying it and your results are improving then my efforts to keep this site running ,and your efforts to become a better fancier has payed have achieved the winning partnership between you and your birds ,a partnership that only true fanciers manage to achieve it .

If i can further assist you in becoming a better fancier in any way then you can contact me at :


                                         Wish you - " All the best" -   Dacian Busecan !

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