Racing Pigeons Health

Your Pigeons Health Should Be Your Top Priority In Order For You To Obtain Top Results

Acquireing good pigeons for your loft is part of this sport ,bringing new quality blood in your loft will increse your chances in winning top results, but ONLY with 100% Healthy pigeons you can expect that to happen !

I often hear people saying - this year i lost too many young birds , and is really puzzeling me because they are babies from the same pairs i had last year and their brothers and sisters have done well last year - i don t know what happen .

Observation and monitoring is a part of this sport .Knowledge and experience will increase chances in having a healthy loft .Prevention is always better rather than healing and it has much less casualties. Learn and eliminate the first signs of the pigeons disease by applying the right methods and medications ,don t allow them to turn into an outbreak with catastrofique consequences.

From one bird to another their immune system is one of a kind ...some are stronger ,some are less stronger .Just because a stronger bird handles well apparently a disease you should not ignore the rest which are less stronger by saying - they will be alright .

Up until the birds reach the age of two years old when you can call it( mature )their body passes through a lot of changes and that my friend includes their immune system.So keep them healthy treat them equally and you can ask the most out of them .When these birds reach maturity they will show you their true potential ,and now you will gather the fruits of your long hard work . Enjoy it !!!

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Here are a few signs which indicate a healthy bird

Enjoys to fly- active bird

Pure shiny eyes full of light (no swollen eye leads or full of tears)

Shine silky feathers

Pure white and clear wattles

When you open the beak the colour you should see inside the neck is Pink - inside cavity of the neck will always be clear (no loosen membranes or any other growings and no bad smell )

Clear smooth breath - ( take the pigeon in your hand and put his chest close to

your ear -you should hear a nice clear breath - no rattling ,no other noises )

The colour of their chest muscle is Pink

Their droppings should be strong in consistence in the shape of a snail shell

accompanied by a tiny little feather

You don t have to be a vet to realize if there is something wrong with your birds.

First indication of a disease is their dropings build your inside loft that way so you can keep a close eye on each single individual will have dropings all over the loft that is for certain ,what i ment was the place where they spend the night should be boxes ...that way in the morning when you feed them with a quick look on everyones box you can pick up the eventual problems if there is any.

A good fancier in my opinion is the one who cares for his birds especially from the health point of view!

A good fancier in my opinion is the one who cares for his birds especially from the health point of view, and you will not need a better proof when you will check the health of his birds ... If his birds are in top condition then you will stand in front of a true fancier ,for me personally its a great pleasure to share experience with this people and i always congratulate them for their work , money and time they spent for their pigeons.

By looking to his racing results you will see that he will always be on the top positions more or less ...these people have realised that the future of the loft itself relies on his pigeons health as breeding youngsters from unhealthy birds will only lead to massive losses when the racing season starts.

Breed youngsters from 100% healthy parents and you will have minimum losses !!!

Being able to make the difference between a sick bird and a healthy one when handled...being able to see the early signs of a sick bird and start applying the right treatment it should be like the HOLLY BIBLE for each fancier ... Unless you take some droppings sample or the sick bird to the vet you can never be 100% sure of what sort of disease you are dealing can be 90% sure of what disease is attacking your bird by checking the bird in your hand close attention to the way it behaves ...check its overnight and present droppings ...and mostly by learning the SIGNS of each and separate individual disease that the science has kindly let us know about .

In the section Disease and Treatment on this site you can find the most common diseases we are dealing with in homing pigeon sport and what kind of treatment you should apply to bring your birds back in shape.

I m gonna give you some tips i take in consideration when handling or by simply looking to a bird which denotes and indicates a sick bird :

1) Look at his overnight and present droppings - they should be hard in consistence just like a snail shell with a little feather on top, not greenish, slimy, watery, or trace of blood.

2). Bird has no desire to fly and sits apart from the other birds holding his head down in between and at the shoulders level.

3.) Bad aspect of its body feathers ,raised up on the head area ,tail touching the floor, crawling its wings on the floor, and cold feet.

4) Crawling and limpy walk ,often falling forward on its beak .

5)Twisting its neck and falling on his back.

6) Always thirsty but no desire to eat .

7) Sneezing rattling coughing

8) Pink yellow wattles, with secretion

9) Swollen eye lids ,watery eyes.

10) When you open his beak the colour inside the throat should be pink not red and no bad smell.

11)The presence of yellow dots and loose membrane inside the throat indicates also a sick pigeon.

12) Bad moulting ,feathers are dropped with blood on their root side.

13) Swollen wing and feet joints.

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Best of Luck !!!

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