It is enough for one person to do it and the others will follow suit. The question is " What are the consequences of using antibiotics for short and long term ? The answer is: damage of the liver and kidneys, damage of the intestines, bad moulting with twisted, pierced and deformed primary flights , loss of vitality, loss of fertility, weakened immune system,the birds body will develop in time immunity to this antibiotics and the next option will be an even stronger antibiotic . Should we not use at all antibiotics ? We are forced to , but only as the last and only option for the reasons i have just mentioned above.

The future of every loft lies on the quality of the young birds we produce each and every single year. If these birds are not kept free or to a minimum usage of antibiotics for their First year of life the future of that loft will have on its path many question marks while while the sky above it will be always gray. In order for us to obtain top results in each and every single race we must make sure that our birds are equipped with an extremely powerful well developed immune system. Their entire being is in a continuous process of changing in their first year of life muscles, skeleton, wings but first of all their immune system.

This goal can be achieved with 100 % Natural Products and i intend to guide fanciers through this process starting with this article. .So today you will learn something that you can apply right after you finished reading these lines and i guarantee you that from now on you will see this sport with different eyes , but what is more important is that you will enjoy it more .In all my books that i have published so far on amazon site (and they are about 12 of them), i have said that knowledge is power on this sport, and i feel like i have left something really important out of the context ,i think is more than power i think is happiness and joy above all A fancier that has healthy birds is a happy fancier.

I know that because i am one of them ,I know that because very close friends of mine that have followed my advice are happy people, I know that because my You Tube channel counts over 100.000 views in less than 3 months and people that have watched my videos aboutthese Natural Remedies have learned so much from them . My dear friends - When we have healthy birds in our loft , The Sky is the limit in regards to what results we can achieve in races, but also at the same time in the breeding sections of our lofts, because we all know that healthy youngsters are produced only from 100 % healthy parents.

The Natural Remedies that i will present further ,are not risky alternative therapies practiced against your doctor's suggestions ,but rather they are safe, and it will guide you through practical actions that you can utilize to help prevent and treat all kind of pigeons health problems. Just remember that these natural remedies do not provide miracle cures and are not meant to take the place of the advice and treatments prescribed by your vet specialist . You should continue to work and consult with your vet doctor about your pigeons health problems in diagnosing the presence of a disease if this is the case and the right treatment for it, nevertheless, the information i will present can enhance your pigeons overall health by :

Increasing their lifespan.

Increasing fertility .

Optimum growth.

Immune system enhancement.

Healthier ofsprings with less deformities and increased survival rate.

Improved feather growth, color and condition.

Prevention and treatment of parasites.

Protection against mycotoxins.

Prevention of bacterial and viral infections, and much more.

This presentation will offer you detailed, easy-to-follow steps, using plants and other products straight from the nature and even items you probably already have in your kitchen .The use of plants and other products from the mother nature goes way back in time when these were used successfully as the only cure against all sorts of diseases and conditions but also to maintain and boost their immune system in humans and animals alike .

The Natural treatments will not have an -next hour- effect in fighting different conditions like the antibiotics and other pharmaceutical medicines have .Their effect will take a little longer to show ,but will also last longer than the effect of antibiotics , besides we all know that when we decide to use acertain antibiotic to treat a bird we will also need to use other post treatment products for liver and kidneys purification as most antibiotics contain substances that are deposited in the liver and kidneys during a treatment.

On the other side we have a complete natural product that even if by mistake is overdosed will not be stored in the liver and kidneys and very soon eliminated from the body without any post treatment aid. Before i start describing the first Natural Product i will always recommend everyone to use half of the dosage prresented and gradually increase it . On this presentation i will describe the use of Cinnamon in our pigeons diet, here we go:

Have we really forget entirely The Natural Ways ?

Can we really not see with how much disgust our birds drink that bad ,hard smell yellow liquid? I personally believe that a lot of people do it because other people do it ,just like a domino effect .

We live in a world literally flooded from the health point of view with antibiotics, supplements, vitamines, vaccines and all kind of bizarre chemically produced medicines. The world of our pigeons health is not much different .New products with very appealing names and labels fill the over saturated market reassuring and kind of leading the puzzled fancier towards the usage of them. The use of antibiotics seems to be the first ,the last and of course always the best option for any minor change in our birds droppings .

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several trees from the genus Cinnamomum that is used in both sweet and savoury foods. In the pigeons diet we can use cinnamon in the form of oil (leaf oil )and powder (made out of bark ). In humans cinnamon has over 26 beneficial properties , in pigeons diet we are going to use it for its : Antibacterial and Antimicrobial properties. Antioxidant properties. Anti fungal. E.coli and Salmonella preventer and fighter . Viruses fighter. Before the days of antibiotics this natural product was used by the fanciers to prevent and fight against Young Bird Sickness ,Salmonella, Canker E.coli .

Dosage :

As a preventive medicine i recommend to be used as a powder - 1 Tablespoon per 1 kilogram of food 2 times per week ,before you add it to the actual food it is good to squeeze half lemon on the food ,mix it well ,and then apply the cinnamon powder and mix it again, let it dry for couple of hours and then serve it to pigeons. As a treatment for the diseases presented above you must use a little bit of cinnamon powder and little bit of water ,mould it it with your fingers in the shape and size of a corn grain and administrate it to the sick bird down the throat 2- 3 times per day . We can find cinnamon powder in almost any shops and supermarkets .

Did you know !!!

Propolis KILLS 25 types of viruses

20 types of harmful bacterias 7 types of parasite fungus

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prevent a wide spectrum

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