Letter to a friend

I ve created this page for genuine people like you who asked me for advice and guidance in the beautifull sport of Racing Pigeons.Here you will find more advice and tips ...the what and how to do it in the racing pigeons sport.

I hope you, the reader, will find it helpfull.

" A true fancier is the one who s birds are always on top, whether they race under his management or somebody elses generation after generation,a true fancier is the one who love competitions and speak highly about his competitors ...Above all ,a true fancier is the one who teach others into the sport and gladly talk about his winning ways "

Dacian Busecan.

1).From Ray - South Australia.

Hi Dacian let me say first fantastic site well my name is Ray Murray im from South Australia im better known over here as a greyhound trainer have been one of the leading trainers here for many years now my son Troy is up there with me I reduced my numbers now so I can concentrate on my pigeon racing which I am having more then my problems with first where I live they tell me it is not a good place to race from im in farming area and the main drag of birds go to the west of me or the east when we have west in the wind I have even less chance but besides all the negatives I still say it can be done I just have to have better birds ,better health,better training and do things better than all my counterparts. As from next year we are flying nth &nth east they say nth east is going to be my best chance now I have bought some quality stock this year and I am in the first rnd of breeding we fly to the perch over here as we race in winter but I have set a section for 10 widowhood cocks I was going to try as well as my young bird team of 120 so any advice you can give greatly appreciated your friend in the sport Ray

To Ray ....

.Hi Ray .sorry to get back to you so late ,been a bit busy lately.

From what i understand you want to compete on races where other fanciers wolud not give u too much chances in winning,because of your location . At the moment i m in uk and a very good friend of mine is in the same situation as you are ,basically he is the last station from the race .The release points on majority of the races are located right across the city and all the way up in the country ,so when pigeons return from the races the other pigeons fanciers find their home quicker because of their loft location ,while my buddys pigeons IN THEORY ,would be the last to arrive home .I ll tell you straight forward you DO have chances in winning even if you are the last station

.My friend start racing pigeons 3 years ago and last year we ve been waiting his pigeons on many races, he used to get 3rd ,4th 5th.7th on most races but he could not get 1st , and because he is a good friend of mine i told him what he needs to do i order to win ,unfortunatelly for him he did not listen to my advice ....i want to win on my own way he use to tell me ...so i did not insisted with my advice .The best result was one time second on the entire season ,and the rest i have allready mentioned .His club has got around 40 members if i can well recall but in that club he was up against a gold medal winner and a few extremelly good fanciers and all of them except two were racing on the widowhood system.

This year he started slow and then the results picked up his best result up until the fifth race was 4th .at the end of the fifth race i went with him inside his loft and i could read in his eyes dissapointment ,lose of faith ,discurage .....i m never gonna be first ,am i? he asked me ...tell me what to do and i ll do it he said ....He use to race 8 cocks only on the widowhood system like everybody else in his club ,i checked all his pigeons in my hand and i picked up a blue bar white flight cock and i told him : you will do with this cock only what ill tell you to do ,all the rest 7 cocks you can keep race them your way and i could see his face full of joy and hope again .

The blue bar cock i have picked up did not have any special results yet and he was a yearling .He followed my advice my friend he did , and two weeks after the bue bar came 4th ...and third week on the 300 mile race the blue bar came in 1st club.My friends was over the moon and so was i ...in the end he did get 1st place ..for him it was an accomplished dream To be 1st ... for me it was another test i put myself into everytime i have the chance ...To pick up The best out of the best using only the hands and nothing else .....For you my beloved fancier friend it is a reason to carry on , and rest assure that what other people say is not possible actually it is ,and it does not matter if you are the last loft positioning wise speaking the first place can still be achieved .

Two people in England ME AND MY FRIEND are a living example that this is something doable against all the odds ,and i m very sure there are lots more like us and YOU who are never afraid or in doubt of trying .

If there would be a single thing to pick out of the many factors that makes a bird champion i would always ,always always choose the health of the birds ,Ray if you can keep your birds healthy you will be a happy man and so will be your birds .I have always said it.... you can bring in to your loft the champion of the world if he s not 100% healthy his results will be below average as racer and as breeder alike.

Always split your racers in two teams especially if you race long and marathon distances .and above all never send them both to the race.... team 1 race this weekend, team 2 stays home . next weekend team two is racing, team 1 stay home ...you can never predict the difficulty of a race or unfortunate events that happen during the race .Send the right bird for the right task .speed bird to speed race ,,,middle distance bird to middle distance race ,,,,long distance bird to long distance race.

Increase quality of the food not quantity with the increase in miles for the next race.

Motivate them with whatever racing system you choose to apply.

Train them after a program and stick to it

Do not make sudden changes in their program or other day by day activities they are used with

Give them room... where there are 20 pigeons in one compartiment actually it should be only 6.

Above all ,love them and show it to them ,respect them and treat them equaly after all you are the Manager and they are your beloved team that will represent you on each race .

Soon i will publish on my site the Advanced Techniques on racing pigeons when it is done you will be one of the first to know about it .and there you will find out what exactly i told my friend to do, to get the first place :)

All the best Ray ,if i can further assist you pls let me know .