These are powerpoint presentations of praise songs in both Vietnamese and English that currently being used for our Sunday worship services. 
Đây là những bài hát ngợi khen bằng Anh Ngữ và Việt Ngữ chúng tôi đang dùng trong các dịp thờ phượng vào mỗi Chúa Nhật.

Above All                 
Alive, Alive            
All Heaven Declares       
Amazing Grace             
Anh Sang Cho Doi          
Anh Sang Tinh Thuong       
As For Me And My House      
As The Deer               
Bai Ca Hiep Nhat         
Biet Gie-xu Va Truyen Ba Danh Ngai       
Binh An Cho Loai Nguoi       
Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty     
Buoc Voi Chua Yeu Thuong       
Ca Ngoi Chua Toi          
Care Chorus               
Cham Long Con             
Change My Heart O God       
Chim Hoa va Nguoi         
Chua Hang Chan Giu        
Chua Jesus Lam Pham       
Chua La Tat Ca            
Chua Song                
Chuc Ton Chua             
Come Bless The Lord       
Con Mua Phuoc Lanh        
Create In Me A Clean Heart       
Cung Hop Nhau Duoi Chan Chua       
Dang Loi Cam Ta           
Dang Nam Giu Tuong Lai       
Dem Cac On Phuoc Chua Ban      
Dem Thanh                
Dem Yen Lang II           
Dem Yen Lang              
Emmanuel Has Come        
Feliz Navidad             
Gan Long Tu Ai Chua Cha       
Ganh Lua Ve             
Giong Huyet Chua          
Give Me Oil               
Give Thanks              
Glorify Thy Name          
God Is So Good            
Great Is The Lord         
Great Is Thy Faithfulness       
Hat Halelugia             
He Has Made Me Glad       
He Is Exalted - 1  
Here I Am to Worship       
His Name Is Wonderful       
Hoc Da Vung An           
Hoi Mon Do Trung Tin      
Holy and Anointed      
How Great Thou Art        
I Have Decided            
I Sing Praises            
I Will Sing Of The Mercy       
I've Got A Joy            
In His Time               
In Moments Like These       
Jesus Is Coming           
Jesus Loves Me            
Jingle Bells              
Kip Den Ton Tho           
Lord I Come Before You       
Lang Nghe Tieng Chua       
Len Den Thanh             
Loan Tin Mung             
Loi Con Ca Tung           
Lord I Lift Your Name on High       
Luc Anh Nguyen Cau        
Mot Tia Sang              
Mung Anh Vui Giang Sinh       
Mung Xuan                
My Life Is In You, Lord       
Ngai La Ai              
Nguon On Phuoc            
Nguyen Vinh Quang Chua Tuon Do       
Open Our Eyes             
Our God Reigns            
Phuoc Cho Nhan Loai      
Psalm 86                  
Quay Quan Ben Chua        
Seek Ye First             
Shout To The Lord         
Spirit Song               
Su Binh An                
Ta Hi Sinh Vi Con         
Tam Hon Yen Ninh         
Thanh Chua Sieu Viet       
Thanh Thay, Thanh Thay      
Thien Binh Vang Tieng Hat       
This Is The Day           
Thy Word                  
Tien Buoc Voi Chua        
Tin Cay Vang Loi          
Tinh Yeu Thien Chua       
Tinh Yeu Thien Chua 2       
Ton Tho Cha Thanh         
Tren Duong Em-mau         
Trong Tay Chua            
Vi Toi Toi                
We Bring The Sacrifice       
When I Look Into Your Holiness       
Yeu La Khi                
You Are My All In All       
You Are My Hiding Place