Children - Nhi Ðong

   The Children's Ministry of Newark Vietnamese Alliance Church will assist Christian families in our attempt to lay a spiritual foundation that will, in God's timing, lead every child into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We would teach the children the love of Christ, that He loves them very much, and that He will always be the anchor in their life. 

   All children are WELCOME in our worship service! As you look around our sanctuary on Sunday you will see that children are loved, cared for, and treated as an important part of our worshiping community and in the corporate life of our church.

Children's Ministry Programs:

In the nursery, we want to show the children the love of Christ by holding, comforting, and playing with them, as they are being apart from their parents. 

Pre-School & Kindergarten:
We begin to build a foundation using Bible stories, songs, crafts, and games surrounding the teaching of God’s Word. 

Grades 1-3:
We continue to build on the foundation of who Christ is, and the love He has for them. Teaching how they can have a walk with Him, using Bible stories, and projects that reinforce what they are learning in the Bible.

Grades 4-6
We teach the children more about their own spiritual walk with Jesus Christ, how to study the Word, look up bible verse, pray and make Jesus the Savior and Lord of their life. Again, we use the teaching of God’s word along with crafts and games that will help them to remember what His Word is teaching them. 

Our Staff: 
  • Ms. Binh La
  • Ms. Emily Khuc
  • Mr. Luke Hoang
  • Mr. Lilly Nguyen
Our Commitment:
We welcome your children and our promise to you is that of a safe, pleasant environment where they can be nurtured and grow in Christ’s Love. If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact us at (925) 549-2067.