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CW Clubs and Associations

Now that I'm getting more practice at CW I thought I might look into some CW Clubs and associations that might be worth me joining to add to the number of CW operators and encourage me to improve.

A recent addition is the Morse Crusade, founded by Ian G4XFC it is well worth a to get yourself some sound advice.

Unfortunately the the CW Club Lincolnshire (CWCL) founded and run superbly by Ant (M0HAZ) has been disbanded due to low levels of participation. However, Ant is still very much active on and around 3.542 MHz and will match your speed, rag-chew or just swap 599 with you - please listen out for HAZ down on 80m. 

Pentagon logo with straight key, colour (GIF 14kb, 165 x 72)

I'm also a member of FISTS  (# 14830) which has UK, USA, 'Down-under' and East Asia chapters - there is a small cost 6 GBP a year in the UK with postal newsletter, good value I think!

There's also the First Class CW Operators Club But I am far from being 'first class' so I'll bide my time!!!