Morse Code

Morse code is a fascinating area of Amateur Radio, even today. From the history of its development to the science of its propogation to studies of how we learn it - it has something for everyone.
It has been such an integral part of Amateur Radio for so many years and was a requirement to use the HF bands. In many countries this hindered the number of people moving up to the HF bands as the 'test' was too much. With the requirements for Morse tests dwindling, Human nature has responded with 'Now we don't have to be tested we want to do it!' - great!
I have recently learnt Morse one of the hard ways, mainly because I didn't research the learning techniques properly. Some old timers gloss over how hard learning the code properly is but today's learner is tomorrow's operator and God knows we need more! So let's help all learners out with some real advice from those who made the journey and are enjoying Operating CW on the low end of the bands.
The following pages have been written for all those who are learning Morse code and feel that they need a little helpful advice. 
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