Welcome to the web-site of GW6ITJ, Martyn Jones.

"Every day above ground is a good one. Every day above a good ground is even better!"


The site has built up over the years to include details and reviews of equipment I have owned together with links to some resources I have found useful for them.

Where I have found information lacking, or in a format I couldn't readily understand, I have re-written it or put it in a different format; the FREE UK Bandplan was one such project and has had some really good feedback and quite a few downloads.

This extended to the Radio Theory which grew quite rapidly but has slowed down over the last couple of years whilst I concentrated on other aspects of the hobby, namely CW (radio telegraphy/ Morse code).

I've been learning to send and receive CW for some years now, my experiences are included in the Morse Code section as are links to the unmissable publications you MUST read before/during and after learning the code. Due to family and work my air-time is limited but I listen to CW every day and I'm working towards 25-30 wpm.

I hope you find lots to interest you here! 

Best 73's

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