Kenshiro, a humanoid robot with muscles and bones

Post date: Mar 12, 2014 11:16:38 PM

We’ve seen bio-inspired hummingbird robots, turtle robots, squirrel robots and more… enough to start an extremely profitable robot zoo. But very few researchers have been able to mimic the human body down to muscles and bones.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo are taking bio-inspired robots to new heights with Kenshiro, their new human-like musculo-skeletal robot. Kenshiro’s underlying structure is the closest to a human's form so far.

Kenshiro mimics the body of the average Japanese 12-year-old male, standing at 158 centimeters tall and weighing 50 kilograms. Kenshiro’s body mirrors almost all the major muscles in a human, with aluminium bones and 160 electrically-driven pulley-like "muscles".

Check out the video above: a headless and armless Kenshiro does squats, looking uncanny enough to give you the shivers.

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