Memory Game

I devised a game in which the brick speaks a random sequence of five words such as "up, start, down, left, down" and you have to then press the corresponding brick buttons in the right order ("start" means the centre button). Can you do the same? I used a numeric array to store the random sequence. Download and check out the program using the link below. There may be a bug for sometimes the green light does not come on briefly for a correct response, as it should do.

This program is inspired by a similar one on In Damien's version the robot speaks a random sequence of four colours such as "Green, yellow, green, black" and you have to then show coloured blocks to the colour sensor in the same sequence. It seemed unnecessarily complicated to use a colour sensor when you can just as well use the brick buttons, so I made my own version.

I'm a bit uncomfortable about writing programs like these that really don't need to be run on the EV3 but which could just as well be programmed in some simpler programming environment such as Scratch.