Integer entry

This program allows you to use the EV3 buttons to input integers easily. Use the up and down buttons to add or subtract one from the displayed integer. Use the right button to append a digit (multiply by ten). Use the left button to truncate the integer (remove the last digit). Use the centre button when you have finished entering the integer.

All the above is done within a my block called getintparam. The myblock has an output parameter 'n' which contains the integer you have entered. In this case the integer is simply displayed on the brick for 5 seconds.

Download the program integer_entry.ev3 at the bottom of this page.

Challenge: Can you modify my program to fill the screen with text in size 1 instead of size 2?

Update: I realized later that the USB socket on the side of the EV3 intelligent brick is probably compatible with a USB keyboard and that might be another easy (too easy?) way of getting text into the brick while a program is running?