Display long text

OK, you're right, this is not what robotics is about. Robotics is about getting sensors and motors to work together in an intelligent way. But I still thought that writing a program to display lots of large, legible text on the EV3's little screen would be a nice challenge.

I think the best way to prepare text for display on the EV3 screen is to use a word processor and a fixed width font (each character has the same width) like Courier. That will help you break the text up into lines of no more than 11 characters (the maximum that the EV3 can display in the 'Large' font). It will also help you figure out the necessary indentation of each line in order to center the text, if that's what you want to do. Recall that the EV3 uses a text grid which is 22 columns wide (numbered 0 to 21) and 12 rows tall (numbered 0 to 11). But each character of text in the 'Large' font is 2 columns wide and 2 rows tall, so in that font you can only fit in 11 columns and 6 rows. Unless you're brainy, like me - I used a row height of 1.833 so that I could fit in a seventh row - please check out the attached project file (download link below).