Python robotics

No, I don't mean robots that move like a python, I mean robots that are controlled by the Python programming language. Python is arguably the best textual programming language to learn, easier than C or Java but still with real value as a serious, powerful language used by many professionals and taught in many schools and universities. For example, it is capable of handling Object Oriented Programming (OOP) but does not force you to use OOP if your project does not require it.

I see the following options for controlling robots with Python:

  1. Run Python within the Lego EV3 intelligent brick which is a Linux-based computer that is certainly capable of running Python.
  2. Run Python on the Raspberry Pi and connect the Pi up to Lego EV3 motors and sensors.
  3. Make a robot that uses Raspberry Pi but no Lego parts.
  4. Make a robot that uses neither the Pi nor any Lego parts.

I've moved my discussion of the relative merits of these four approaches to this page, and have decided to explore options 1 and 3. Click the links above to find out how these options worked out for me.