EV3 Python

The Python programming language is one of the most modern, most popular, most easy-to-learn and most powerful programming languages in the world, so what could be more natural for an owner of the EV3 robot than to want to learn how to program the EV3 robot using the Python programming language? The normal way to that would be to run the EV3dev operating system in the EV3 and run EV3 Python within the EV3dev environment. In August 2016 I made a website, ev3python.com, to help Python beginners to get started with ev3dev and EV3 Python. My website should be a useful complement to the official EV3dev website at ev3dev.org. Unlike the ev3dev website, which seems to be mostly made for experts by experts, my website is aimed at beginners, especially Windows users like myself who have only a standard EV3 kit (home or educational) and who do not own any third-party hardware. So why not check out my new site at


Note that my website, like ev3dev.org is intended only to teach you about the extra features of EV3 Python that are not available in standard Python. Before you start learning about the peculiarities of EV3 Python you should become familiar with standard Python, perhaps by following one of the hundreds of online courses in standard Python - some are listed HERE.

You should also learn the basics of the Linux operating system since you will need to work with that to a small extent as you use EV3 Python. Some advice on getting started with Linux is given HERE.

EV3python.com is not endorsed by Lego corporation.