Remote control via Bluetooth

Lesson 15 of the Robot Educator>Beyond Basics lessons in the education version of the EV3 software show how to control a single motor connected to one EV3 brick by manually turning a motor connected to another brick. This is possible once a Bluetooth connection between the bricks has been established, as explained in the lesson. The lesson also shows (in a pair of hidden programs) how to control two motors of the receiving robot by manually turning two motors attached to the transmitting robot, or brick. But this implementation uses 'tank steering', making it very difficult to use. Is it possible to set up the receiving robot so that it can be controlled in the normal way, with one wheel on the transmitter controlling the speed (power) and one wheel controlling the steering?

I found that this CAN be done by making running this program on the receiving robot:

Each received message has a 'title' attached to it so it easy to ensure that the data sent from one wheel on the transmitter goes to the correct parameter on the Move Steering block by using matching titles.

No change is necessary on the transmitting robot, which runs this program:

In the transmitting program, be sure to correctly set the name of the receiving brick in the messaging block.