For teachers

Visit the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Downloads page to download:

  • LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 software for many platforms
  • EV3 Coding Activities. 30+ hours of classroom instruction in PDF format. Highly recommended.
  • EV3 Design Engineering Projects. 30+ hours of classroom instruction and problem-solving activities focusing on STEM learning using real-life robotics.
  • EV3 Science Curriculum. 28+ hours of classroom instruction integrated into the EV3 Software.
  • EV3 Space Challenge Curriculum. This download requires the EV3 Space Challenge Set (45570). Provides 30+ hours of classroom instruction and STEM learning.
  • There is also a link to the Lego E-Learning page (a.k.a. Lego Education Academy) which provides 100+ self-paced video lessons.

See also a possible EV3 space curriculum HERE.

The following video gives some general ideas about the value of robotics education as well as promoting the RobotC programming language created by Carnegie-Mellon university.

If you considering teaching robotics to students in the age range 10-15 then I have pages to help you get started HERE and HERE.