Videos on Mad Cow Disease - Videos from 1990 - 2000

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UK Agriculture Minister and BSE (May 1990)


YouTube Video

Ministerial Statements on BSE and CJD (from 1990,1995,1996 and 2000)

YouTube Video

The video provides some of the main policy statements on BSE and CJD between 1990 and 2000.

The extracts are from the Agriculture Minister from 1990. This statement was followed with another similar one from the House of Commons 8/6/90, Hansard Column 906.  The Prime Minister from 1995; the Health Minister from 1996; the Agriculture Minister from 2000.  This video is a tribute to victims of variant CJD.

American Report on Mad Cow Disease


YouTube Video

BBC2  Newsnight Report on CJD (from 2005)

YouTube Video


The video above offers a hypothesis that BSE came from Asia.  However, this argument has been criticised.  There are academics who dispute the view that BSE, in the UK, originated from the Indian subcontinent.