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European Commission  (European Union)
Food Standards Agency (United Kingdom)
Public Interest 

Food Commission (United Kingdom)
Food Ethics Council (United Kingdom)
Food (United States)
Food Safety News (United States)
Garden Organic (United Kingdom)
GM Freeze (United Kingdom)
Soil Association (United Kingdom)
Sustain (United Kingdom)
UK Universities 

City University -  Centre for Food Policy
Newcastle University - School of Agriculture

Reports on Genetically Modified Food 
BBC Reports on GM food  
Blight-resistant GM potatoes field trial begins.
EU to let states rule on GM crops.
BBC video from 2008: Genetically Modified Food
U.K. Food Standards Agency Videos on Genetically Modified (GM) Food from 2003
Science Policy Presentation (Eric Millstone)

YouTube Video


The video discusses science policy. This is the interaction between political decision-making and science.

There is more information on science policy with a discussion on BSE at 01:30.
Animal feed 

YouTube Video

There is a BBC website, from 2007, which is about consumers supporting a feed ban; on the use of cattle remains in animal feed.

CJD in Spain 

YouTube Video

This is a report on Human Mad Cow Disease from Spain in 2008.