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Welcome to the Website 

The site provides comment on business, food and safety issues with the main focus being on BSE and CJD.  There are also many videos on food safety policy.

Glossary and External Links


There is a definitions page which provides a glossary of terms relevant to BSE and CJD.  There is also access to other websites for further research.  


Access to Other Subjects


The website also covers themes such as nutrition and transport safety.


About the Website Author


The website author is Christopher Packham who is a writer based in North East England.  He studied Business Studies and Economics  at Cardiff, Newcastle and Sunderland Universities.


Justice for Andy


Christopher has been working with Christine Lord whose son Andrew (pictured) died of variant CJD in 2007. Christine helped to make an award winning BBC TV documentary.  She has produced a website which is a plea for accountability over BSE and variant CJD. Christine appeared at a parliamentary committee and has discussed her campaign on BBC Radio.  


The Approach of the Website 


This website takes a circumspect approach.  This is because evidence, in this area, can be scarce and theories can be weak.  But some theories are interesting and for that reason they should not be dismissed.  For example, there is an interesting theory on the origins of BSE from 2005. 


A Disclaimer


Effort has been made to make sure of the accuracy of the information. However, no liability is accepted for any errors. For more detailed work, readers are advised to use google scholar.  This website is a place for raising ideas; it is not a source of medical advice. 

Any Comments or Suggestions


Please use this link to suggest improvements to the information on this website.

E-mail:  foodsafetypolicy100 at gmail dot com

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Directory of Videos on Food Safety Policy 

YouTube Video

Christine Lord's BBC Inside Out Documentary 

YouTube Video