Videos on Football, Heading and Brain Injury (United States)

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There are also UK videos on football, heading and brain injury with programmes on the former England strikers Jeff Astle and Alan Shearer.

What is CTE ?

More Detailed Videos

These are videos with Bennet Omalu and Ann McKee. It is the author's belief that these American scientists have contributed to the sporting world through their willingness to discuss brain injury.

Bennet Omalu: Videos on Brain Injury and Dementia

CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy formerly known as dementia pugilistica) and Brain Injuries

Knocking Out Concussion in Sport - Dr Bennet Omalu: RCS - My Health Lecture

Full Interview: Mike Clark sits down with 'Concussion' inspiration Dr. Bennet Omalu

'Concussion' and the Serious Impact of Repeated Head Trauma | ABC News

Protecting Kids from the Dangers of Concussions

RCSI’s Class of 2017 School of Medicine Conferring Ceremony

Ann McKee Videos:

Concussions for Children Playing Soccer