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Business Education Resources: Undergraduate Level

A detailed presentation informed by the PhD (research) and the PGCE (teacher training)

This page also discusses marketing and business ethics in the context of labour standards (from 2006).

An essay on macro-economics from 2007

A study using financial ratios from 2006.

An essay on financial regulatory frameworks from 2007.

An application of the use of mind maps for business studies students.

A discussion on the difficulty of implementing strategy from 2015
Education Resources: A Level Economics 

This presentation is about the possible dualling of the A1 road in Northumberland (Northern England).  

There is also a letter on Transport Safety which debates spending on rail safety versus road safety.

Work on market structure and competition relevant to A Level micro-economics.

A Case Study on Price Discrimination.

Discussion Papers  

This is a paper on the links between business policy and food policy.

A discussion paper on a different basis for competition in food retail.

Some work examining the funding of the Food Standards Agency

A discussion on economics, politics and UK Food Standards

Comment on waste and re-cycling

A Research Proposal 

Strategies for the development of organic food - the background

The research proposal based on the Delphi Method

The research proposal based on the Delphi Method - further elaboration