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Business Essays: Undergraduate Level

PowerPoint presentation on Market Research. A detailed presentation informed by a PhD (research) and a PGCE (teacher training). This page also discusses marketing and business ethics in the context of labour standards (from 2006).

Essay on macro-economics: Keynesian versus Monetary Policy An essay on macro-economics from 2007.

Essay on mind maps for Business Education. An application of the use of mind maps for business studies students.

Economics Resources: A Level or first year undergraduate standard

A definition of opportunity costs and sunk cost fallacy. This page also discusses the construction of the HS2 railline.

Differential Rail Pricing Employed by a UK Rail Company: A Case Study on Price Discrimination.

Cost Benefit Analysis for A Level Economics. This presentation is about the possible dualling of the A1 road in Northumberland (Northern England). There is also a letter on Transport Safety which debates spending on rail safety versus road safety.

Economics and Supermarkets: Work on market structure and competition relevant to A Level micro-economics.

Economics Resources: PhD Level

Doctoral reesearch on the Economics of Food Safety and its relevance to UK food safety policy. This page includes a comment on economics and politics, and a discussion on the willingness to pay for public goods. It also includes a comment on Alzheimer's Disease and government resource allocation.

Business Policy and Food Policy Discussion Papers

The Significance of Business Policy to Food Policy from 1997. This is a paper on the links between business policy and food policy. Also, there is a discussion paper on a different basis for competition in food retail.

Food Policy and a Food Standards Agency A discussion on food policy and political economy from 1997 and 1998.

A Research Proposal on the Development of Organic Food

Strategies for the development of organic food: A Delphi Study A research proposal based on the Delphi Method

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