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A List of Videos from Christine Lord

Christine has a campaign at the Justice for Andy website.

Parliamentary Committees

A video from the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee (November 2013). This meeting had scientists from Edinburgh and London universities. This video is also from a different Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee (January 2014).

BBC Radio 4

This is a Woman's Hour report from 2008.

Twenty minutes audio from the World at One (22/06/18): Europe, Brexit, Beef and Mad Cow Disease.

The Natural Health Show:

Justice For Andy on Kingston Green Radio

Croydon Radio:

The London Borough of Croydon (February 2017). The community radio station has now closed.

"When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade": See the video directly below for the interview.

BBC Radio Solent - 24th July 2014

BBC Radio Solent - 17th October 2014

BBC Radio Solent - 27th April 2018

The radio interview refers to Christine's article which is on the Star and Crescent newspaper website.

BBC 1 Countryfile and BBC Report on Radio Solent (September 2020)

The television report is elaborated upon in this newspaper article.