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A List of Videos from Christine Lord (see the Justice for Andy website)

Parliamentary Committees

Video from Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee (November 2013).  This had scientists from Edinburgh and London universities.

Video from Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee (January 2014).

BBC Radio 4:  Woman's Hour report from 2008. 

The Natural Health Show:  Justice For Andy on Kingston Green Radio

Croydon Radio:  from the London Borough of Croydon  (February 2017).

The community radio station has now closed.

"When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade":  See the video directly below for the interview -

YouTube Video

BBC Radio Solent - 24th July 2014

YouTube Video

BBC Radio Solent - 17th October 2014


YouTube Video

BBC Radio Solent - 27th April 2018

The radio interview refers to Christine's article which is on the Star and Crescent newspaper website.

YouTube Video