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External Videos
BSE  (Mad Cow Disease) and CJD  (Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease)

BSE related news reports (1990-2008)  Videos on Mad Cow Disease

BBC South: Inside Out Documentary from 2008  Documentary on U.K. BSE and CJD (with a BBC World Service Radio Report)

MBC Special: broadcast across parts of Asia (2008)  Korean documentary on mad cow disease

BSE related news reports (2013 and 2014-2018)  Videos on Mad Cow Disease

Christine Lord's Work  Various Radio and Video Reports

There are also videos  outside of this website on Vimeo and Daily Motion

Diabetes and Nutrition

Newcastle University research from 2011: Video on Diabetes

Food Safety Policy - Horsemeat
Videos on Horsemeat from the BBC and Channel Four News

Football, Heading and Brain Injury

UK Videos on Football, Heading and Brain Injury

US Videos on Football, Heading and Brain Injury

General Videos on Soccer, Headers, Brain Damage and Dementia

Genetically Modified (GM) Food

ITV World in Action and BBC Panorama from 1999 Videos on GM food 

UK News Reports from 2007-2010 Videos on Genetically Modified Food

Original Presentations and Videos
BSE  (Mad Cow Disease) and CJD  (Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease)

BSE and CJD in the UK explained 
BSE: A response to a U.K. supermarket executive (1996)
This page also has a video, about the 
over 30 month rule, which was implemented after March 1996.

This includes a discussion on the possible link between BSE and sCJD; and the potential misdiagnosis as Alzheimer's disease.

This includes a response to a comment made by a Chief Medical Officer.

Chemical Contaminants in Food
Incinerator ash spread on allotments in North East England 
PowerPoint on the food contamination resulting from the Byker incinerator in Newcastle. 

GM Food and the potential relevance to Mad Cow Disease 
Society needs to learn from BSE and CJD
The debate over GM food could be informed by the experience of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD).    

GM Food Labelling
Policy on GM Food and labelling
American policy on GM food needs to regulate the food system rather than just rely on a 'labelling policy'.

This includes research on consumer acceptability of Genetically Modified Foods in the UK.