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External Videos
Mad Cow Disease (BSE) and Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease (CJD)

BBC South: Inside Out Documentary from 2008

MBC Special: broadcast across parts of Asia (2008)
Korean documentary on mad cow disease

Christine Lord's Work

BSE related news reports (1990-2008)
Videos on Mad Cow Disease 1

Statements mainly from the House of Commons, from 1990-2000

BSE related news reports (2013 and 2014-2020)

Genetically Modified (GM) Food

ITV World in Action and BBC Panorama from 1999 

UK News Reports from 2007-2010 
Diabetes and Nutrition
Newcastle University research from 2011 
BBC Series: The Men Who Made Us Fat 
Documentary on Sugar, Fat and Nutrition
Food Safety Policy - Horsemeat
Videos on Horsemeat from the BBC and Channel Four News.
Other Video Material (External Websites)
This site hosts Food Marketing and Food Policy videos from universities and public interest groups.

Other Video Hosting Websites

Videos have also been uploaded to Daily Motion and Vimeo.

Football, Heading and Brain Injury

Videos on Football, Heading and Brain Injury

Original Presentations and Videos
Mad Cow Disease (BSE) and Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease (CJD)

Productivity versus safety  
This video examines whether more food productivity could affect food consumption and food safety.  The search for greater levels of production may have lead to greater risks to health.

GM Food Labelling
Policy on GM Food and labelling
The need for American policy on GM food to go further than labelling.

Chemical Contaminants in Food
Incinerator ash spread on allotments in North East England 
PowerPoint on the food contamination resulting from the Byker incinerator in Newcastle.